Best hairdryers for curly hair?

What are the best dryers for curly (or any) hair? Been hearing words like ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline. Do any of these damage hair more, or safer for hair- dry hair faster- what's the consensus here?


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    What you have to get is a diffuser - which will make almost any dryer kinder to curly hair. I also have a ionic dryer (by mistake) but it works very well. When you dry - do not touch your hair - I mean do not touch your hair..............just lean a bit and aim the diffuser under your hair. Sometimes you might like to hang your hair upsidedown and dry the back.

    Good luck
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    Here's a great link about drying curly hair:
    I agree with the above post- a diffuser is necessary. I don't know how much an ionic blow-dryer affect the hair, but it's supposed to minimize frizz. I have one too. The site above describes the pixiecurl method for blow-drying hair. You don't move your hair around so it frizzes less. HTH!
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    I understand the METHOD for drying curly hair, I was curious about what type of DRYER to purchase, since my [buylink=]devafuser[/buylink] doesn't fit onto mine. I've heard the words "ceramic", "ions", and "tourmaline" on the forum and in the magazines, and was wondering which would be a no-no, and which would be a good thing when looking at different dryers out there!

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