Find Miko: for all the DC Curlies

finallycurlyfinallycurly Posts: 18Registered Users
I need a hair cut like yesterday (I really want to wear it out but i can't until i get the right cut) So I was thinking of hunting down Miko (Formerly of Miss Jessie's Salon) but when I took a look at her site I noticed that in some of the after pictures the front of the persons hair would look a little over processed. :shock: I already have this thing where my hair is softer in the front and back then it is in the middle so I was hoping that they would make accommodations for that abnormality but now I'm not so sure. Has anyone seen her either in New York or in DC? Also any suggestions for other stylist would be greatly appreciated.

3c with some 3b curls in the back (weird how that works).


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I was a little disappointed when I went to Miiko's site. All of the girls hair looked bad! I would say about 2 styles looked acceptable. Maybe she is missing her staff over at Curve or something. I wouldn't let her touch my hair if I were you. At least until she displays some impressive shots of hair.

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