Have you had this Experience too?????

cclark1cclark1 Registered Users Posts: 346
I told me mom and sister that I was transitioning and going back to my natural hair texture. I guess that they hear the excitement in my voice when I talk about it. Now guess what...... they are both considering going natural. Anyone else having this experience?
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  • jcurladyjcurlady Registered Users Posts: 626 Curl Novice
    I actually had the opposite happen. My mom and sister went natural and now I am.
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  • Jeannie_LJeannie_L Registered Users Posts: 73
    Similar case... my sister decided to go natural after seeing the results on my hair. :)
  • missmoniemissmonie Registered Users Posts: 920
    Yeah...after I decided to grow my natural hair....my mom did it too. I've been relaxer free for 2 years and she's a few months shy of me. We talk about hair all the time which is tons of fun.
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  • jsocurleighjsocurleigh Registered Users Posts: 265
    I think my mom is thinking about it... she nearly apologized for putting a perm in it as a child lol.

    We just had this conversation yesterday, she said "Your hair is so pretty, I wish I had just left it alone but it was so thick! I didn't know what else to do with it!" :lol: I'm just glad she likes it. When I was transitioning she was like what in the world is going on up there?

    My step sister is contemplating transitioning...she's at the point where she "needs" a relaxer but I think her seeing my hair at Christmas might make her go for it.
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