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I'm a new member to the site. I'm mostly a 3C type and I'm searching for new products. I really do prefer to buy pruducts from the store because they tend to be a little cheaper. Being a college student on a budget doesn't leave much room for experimenting. So, if there are any products that you guys could refer me for my hair type please do and add the store I could find it in -Thanks in advance everyone=)....


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    curlybecky wrote: »
    I'm a new member to the site. I'm mostly a 3C type and I'm searching for new products. I really do prefer to buy pruducts from the store because they tend to be a little cheaper. Being a college student on a budget doesn't leave much room for experimenting. So, if there are any products that you guys could refer me for my hair type please do and add the store I could find it in -Thanks in advance everyone=)....

    Hello :D. That's a hard one. I'm still in that mode myself...a student searching 4 the right stuff 4 my hair while on a budget. I see that u indicated your hair type is mostly 3C but do you have any pictures? I think pictures (fotki/photobucket) would help ALOT!!! :blob7:
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    OK since you cant expirament try suave's curly hair shampoo and conditioner. The suave one is an ok price and will last. Now you will need a gel to use, garnier frutis works AMAZINGLY! It may be a little over your price range but it works and lasts for a LONG time. Oh and if you buy it buy the one thet says maximum hold or something like that, it might leave your hair a little crunchy but it make it stay still. And here are some tips that you can use when you are in the shower washing your hair - Dont use a lot of shampoo, shampoo is used to take the bad thing out of your hair and when it does that it takes some of the good things too. Im not saying to stop compeltely using shampoo just use a dime sised amount every time you wash your hair. And when you condition your hair make sure that you put the conditioner where your roots, but be carefull not to scrub too hard or else that will cause hair damage. Oh and dont wash your hair every day, judging by your pic i would say that you should wash it every 2-3 days. But wash it if it smells, or looks oily. Well i hope i didint bore you to death with my ultra long letter. :wave:

    (P.S if you need any more help with your hair email me
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    If you like gel in your hair I would highly recommend Fantasia IC Gel. Its very cheap (anywhere between $3-$4) and it can last you a while. As far as conditioners I like Tresemme.

    If you're a bargain hunter like I am try going to places like Filene's Basement, T.J. Maxx, Marshall's or A.J. Wright for expensive hair products at a cheaper price. I have found great stuff cheap there. I sometimes can find bargains at the dollar store. Big Lots is great too if there are any near you. If you don't mind clipping coupons sometimes the Garnier Fructis are on sale at Walgreen's or CVS. I love Walmart and can find bigger containers of conditioner there for alot less.

    Good luck!!!
    - Maria

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    Suave Naturals Coconut is great for conditioner washes and it's REALLY cheap!

    Do you have a Sally Beauty Supply nearby? The Beyond the Zone Noodlehead product is a really good curl enhancer.

    Sally's also carries the Proclaim 7 Oil which is nice to put on underneath the Noodlehead.

    Good Luck!
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    thanks everyone for the great advise!!! i'll try a few of them and let you know which ones work out 4 me :)
    i really appreciate it!
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    I guess what rec's I could give would depend on what exactly you are seeking, beyond inexpensive products. are a few that generally are easy to find, and easy on the wallet(I'm a grad student, so I understand not having an excess of funds).


    I use a gentle, non-sulfate based shampoo 2 tmes a month(or as needed). I normally use Elucence, but this is a salon brand that you may or may not have available in you area. I order a 32 oz bottle for I think 12 bucks, but I'm on the same bottle after a year with more than half of the bottle left. A more readily available shampoo is Creme of Nature. It cleans effectively, and leaves the hair soft. You could experience alittle buildup because of the balsam, to which you could just clarify and use a deep treatment(or just use a good conditioner and leave on covered with a shower cap for however long you can stand).

    Conditioner: This is one thing I generally don't skim on. If I use a good conditioner, my hair remains healthy. I've tried many of the drug-store brands and while they were decent, they didn't present any long-term benefits, cost or otherwise. But you can really luck out and find some gems.....just gotta experiment. :)Most of my favorites can be purchased state-side. These conditioners I use for CO(conditioner-only) rinses, and well as for regular conditioning. By order of cheapest to most expensive(based on overall size/value):

    Cure Care Conditioner
    : I haven't tried it yet, but everyone that has used it has given it glowing reviews. It's comparable to a very popular(but more expensive) conditioner called [buylink=]Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner[/buylink]. Gives good slip(great for detangling), and moisturizing.You can purchases a gallon for $7.99. Yes, I said $7.99, from Sally's Beauty. I purchased one yesterday, and will use it tomorrow when do my hair again.

    Trader Joe's Spa Nourish
    : Another conditioner that is comparable to Elucence, it gives great slip and can be used as a regular rinse out and for CO rinses. This goes for $2.50 for a 16 oz bottle. I normally stock up on them when I'm able to. I purchased 4 bottles back in October and I'm just getting on my last bottle, with more than 3/4 left.

    Tigi Moisture Maniac
    : Again, another product that is comparable to Elucence(all conditioners must measure up to this for me to be a repeat buyer)in that it has excellent slip. Probably gives the best slip of the conditioners I've used. The smell is alittle sweet, but it's not over-powering once rinsed out. You can find this at most beauty supply stores, and Trade Secret tends to have liter sales on this. I believe 2 for $25. Because little is needed, this conditioner could last you for awhile before having to repurchase.

    Regisline Olive Oil Conditioner: This is a conditioner that I use(d) more in the winter since it's SO thick. Has good slip, and leaves the hair feeling nice and moisturized. You can find this at Regis Salons, or at a Walmart that has a salon inside. They also have sales on liter containers. I think I paid less than $15 for a liter.

    Some of these may seem expensive, but this liter (and many of the others) last much longer [for me] than purchasing really cheap conditioners where I have to use alot of in order to get the same results, totally eliminating any potential costs savings.

    Leave in Conditioner: A must have for me. Keeps my hair healthy, and helps maintain style when used under a styler. Again, in order by cost and overall value:

    Cantu Shea Butter Leave In:
    Can be found at most BSS's. Comes in a 16 oz tub, and a little goes a long way. Has a few "bad" ingredients(a silicone and lanolin oil, though not near the top of the ingredient listing), but I don't necessarily follow a CG routine. And since I shampoo infrequently, I don't experience buildup. Cost about $6.00.

    Giovanni Direct Leave in: Can be purchased at most natural or health food stores. Good ingredients, easy to apply. I think I paid around $3 dollars for this (for an 8.5 oz container, I believe), but since a little goes a long way, not much is needed for it to do it's job. I also purchased this online. It's more expensive when purchased at retail locations.

    Paul Mitchell, The Conditioner: One the best leave ins, hands down. Easy to apply, great slip, and works well under most of my stylers, whether cream or gel-based. You can find this at some BSS's, or as Maria mentioned, you can find this at discount retailers such as T.J. Maxx, Filene's Basement, etc. for a pretty good price. I luckily have a beauty supply that sells salon brands, and I get a 16.9 oz bottle for $13. Little goes a long way. I've been on the same bottle for the last 3 months, with over half still left. But I also like to switch up on my leave ins depending on the needs of my hair.

    Stylers: I generally don't use a styler. Mostly just apply a leave in and that's it. But when I do, these are the few I use(not all together, though):

    Fantasia IC (the blue on for color-treated hair): This gel is really thick, and I have to water it down in my hands before applying to my hair. Because it's so thick, little is needed. Clumps my curls nicely, and if I don't touch it, dries relatively frizz-free. Only negative is that gels take FOREVER to dry on my hair(ESPECIALLY this one), and since I don't like to use heat unless straightening, it takes 8+ hours to dry when I use this. Yeah....I know. LOL! So, I generally use this in the summer. This normally costs around $3-4 bucks, and can be found in drugstores or BSS's.

    Barry Fletcher Thick N Slick Custard: This is a moisturizing creme-gel that I use for my twists, shake n go's, when I do coils on my hair, or when I want to slick my hair back. Can be found in most BSS's(in my area, atleast since it's a locally-made product). For 16 oz, its about $10. Not cheap cheap, but lasts a long time.

    Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam: If I want my hair to dry fast, I use this over PM, The Conditioner. For 16.9 oz, it's around $13. The hair dries sorta light/fluffy, but with great definition and shine. I've found this at my local BSS. Otherwise, you can find this at the places I mentioned when seeking The Conditioner.

    I hope this list helps alittle bit. What I would try to do is see if you can get samples of some of these products from some of the ladies here before investing any large amount of money. Atleast enough for maybe two applications. That way, if it doesn't work, you're not out alot of money. :)

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