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So I met a childhood friend today after about a year.
When we were little we both used to relax our hair
[needless to say, we didn't like our curls]. So last month I
cut my locks and combed the rest of the locks out and
I was pleasantly surprised at how healthy my hair was
and at how much I hair I ended up saving from a big
chop [about 20 inches].
My hair is actually healthier than it's ever been.

She saw my hair for the first time today and was
also taken aback at how healthy my hair is and that I now
wear it curly. She was just getting ready to go out and
started to blow dry her hair and then to straighten it more
using the flat iron. It was only then that I realised how
badly in shape her hair was and that it barely even curled anymore.
Only for her to mention: "I hate curly hair".

So that shocked me, mostly because I think I've been
hanging too much on this board where everybody
actually embraces their curls and that rubbed off on me. :laughing9:

I tried to give her some tips, but she said she's going to
continue ironing her hair. So I left it at that.

And I toast to us ladies that do embrace our curls!
It's five o'clock somewhere! ctail.gif


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    Good for you! It's always odd to me that someone could hate their hair that much. It means that she does not like herself. It would be different if she just did not like having curly hair, so she straightens it most of the time. Also, since she uses so much heat, she could benefit from what you have to say. After all, you have to deep condition and moisturize when you regularly flat iron. Also, if she does not give her hair tlc, she will soon not have any and will have to either chop it off or wear it without using heat. :wink:
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  • malafachamalafacha Registered Users Posts: 301
    I think that's what's she's exposed to most of her life. When her mom saw my hair she asked :why don't you straighten it?
    It will look so much prettier like that.
    And the poor girl hair is breaking really badly, to the extend that it is scary uneven.
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    I am a long time reader but new to posting . . . this post made me weigh in b/c I can really identify.

    Its been a year now since i decided to really embrace and nuture my curls. But to that extent I realize looking back how much damage i did to my hair the past.

    The toughest part is when you have friends who marvel at your curly locks but can't find it within themselves to go the distance with their curls.

    i think that it begins from within. . .
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  • malafachamalafacha Registered Users Posts: 301
    I have to agree with you. Before now I didn't have to deal with my curly hair for almost seven years. Back in highschool I used to relax my hair a lot and did a lot of supposedly nourishing things to it, but still at was frizzy and looked like a big dry poof.

    Now I realize that back then I hated my curls, because I am just one of those people that likes things in their place. And now that I have more knowledge on how to take care of my hair and actually like how it looks.

    I have to say though my family always told me that I had pretty hair, even when it was a big poof.
    It's five o'clock somewhere! ctail.gif

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