A good curly enhancement, for once...

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I love TLC's show What Not To Wear. They don't just do makeovers- they enhance the woman's natural good looks and her personal style.

For the third time, I saw them work with a curly-haired woman. I was a little afraid that the hair guy would straighten her hair, but he didn't. Instead, he just trimmed off the damaged ends, added layers and shaping, and used conditioner, a bit of product, a diffuser, and some scrunching to enhance her natural curls. Her hair was even curlier than before, but with no ironing, and she looked gorgeous.
"There is such a thing as natural beauty, but every woman needs a little help to bring it out."


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    It's good to know that not ALL TV stylists are totally anti curl.
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  • SalsalitSalsalit Posts: 41Registered Users
    Not only that one, but with the first two curly haired women I saw, the stylist taught them how to style their hair naturally curly. The first woman learned how to use clips to lift her curls on top. The second one learned to use product and define her curls with her fingers. Neither one had to use any appliances except for a diffuser. Both women came out looking wonderful with beautiful natural curls.
    "There is such a thing as natural beauty, but every woman needs a little help to bring it out."
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    Nick Arrojo is great with the curly's. He's a Curly Guy himself, so he knows how to work with the curl and not against it. Not that I'm saying he hasn't royally f'd up hair on the show, but he tends to work with curls and not cop out and straighten everyone.
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    ya it's cause he understands ;)
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