Speaking of rip offs...

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Anyone ever have a debit card amount come out wrong when it hits the bank? (I have the right amount on the receipt, and the right amount in my register...but the statement from the bank is more than double that amount and it is the exact same transaction :angry4: ).

I see this every few months. It's NEVER in my favor. Usually it's a few cents so I let it go. But this is ridiculous.

I'm not even sure how it's possible, I mean it's a debit card and I see the amount and authorize it so how can it change later when the bank gets it?

Gah. Cash is easier.
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    Yeah, that's happened to me, too. That's also one of the reasons I stopped using a debit card. I wonder if some places have a little system to siphon a few pennies here and there ---kind of like the movie Office Space.

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    I've never had that happen and I use my debit card for almost everything...you should definitely bring this up with your bank.

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    I would switch banks, that's unacceptable unless it's in your favor :wink:
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    Funny reading these posts because I was just wondering the other day whether someone is skimming a few dollars here and there at the bank. The reason I say this is because I recently stopped using my debit card for over a month and all of a sudden my checking account actually balanced for the first time in years. I was always off about $45 before then, so it got me to thinking. I suppose it's possible?
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