Hairspray and contact lenses

Is it true that hairspray can ruin contact lenses, that it builds up and tears them apart? I don't use hairspray everyday, but when I do certain styles, I need it. I've heard that you should always remove contacts before spraying it, but what a PITA - I can never remember to do that. Same with perfume. I always put my lenses in first thing in the morning, and don't take them out during the day unless I'm taking a long siesta. Normally, when I use hairspray or perfume, I'll close my eyes, spray it, then walk away (with eyes closed!) to an open area. Again, such a pain, but I swear once hairspray 86ed a contact lens. Usually, even if I think I got hairspray in it, if I cleanse it right after, I don't notice a problem with my lenses. I sprayed some hairspray last night in the bathroom at work, and didn't have time to cleanse my lenses. My right contact had been bothering me, but was ok yesterday until I sprayed hairspray. Now it's bugging me again. Could just be a coincidence since I think the lens is on the way out anyway, but have you noticed problems w/hairspray and contacts? Do you always avoid spraying it while wearing them? Is it true that hairspray will "kill" lenses, even if you cleanse them afterward?

I currently have daily lenses (last 6 mons - year), and I protein wash them weekly. That seems to remove films/build-up. Though, I'm switching to monthlys, and I'm not sure of the maintenance for those. At least if I ruin a disp. lens from hairspray, it's not a huge loss. I'm thinking about giving up hairsprays and perfumes for good. Then I'll always have to wear my hair in straight styles, tho. :(
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  • missy60missy60 Posts: 351Registered Users
    I always thought it was if you get anything on your lenses. I always just close my eyes when Im spraying around my face. I think if you get it in your eyes you need to take them out and clean them. I dont think it will ruin them.
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    Keep hairspray away from your eyes! And I'm sure it's no good for your lenses. I don't think you should have to remove them, but spray with your eyes closed, and then leave the immediate area before opening. Protecting your eyes is the highest priority, but yes, the spray would probably gunk up lenses.
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    I'm a hairstylist who wears contacts and this has been an ongoing problem for me. My eye Dr. told me hairspray does not come off lenses. Ever. I can't close my eyes while spraying a clients hair(could you imagine?!lol) and I won't stop wearing lenses or quit my job. He switched me to the disposable years ago for this reason.
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  • missy60missy60 Posts: 351Registered Users
    What do you do at work while spraying peoples hair though doesnt it get on your lenses
  • curlquestcurlquest Posts: 90Registered Users
    . Normally, when I use hairspray or perfume, I'll close my eyes, spray it, then walk away (with eyes closed!) to an open area. :(
    I don't use hairspray very often, but I have monthly lenses and if i do this, i have not seen a problem

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