Birth control making my hair thin & straight? HELP!

katemonkkatemonk Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi, I’m new here and though this may have been addressed before, I was hoping for a little help.
I am a curly haired girl and about a year ago I started on YAZ birth control pills and in the first few months I noticed hair loss. That slowed, but now my hair is much thinner that before, and worst of all my hair is growing in straighter.
I am going to stop the pill, but I hope that will not just make the problem worse.
What I hope is that my hair, after some time, will go back to its thick curly ways.
If anyone has any advice or stories of a similar situation, I would be very thankful for any help.


  • southernbelle08southernbelle08 Registered Users Posts: 199
    Oh my goodness! I am going on Yaz in a few weeks, and that is a MAJOR concern that I have!! What was your hair type before the pill? How drastic was the change?
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    I have yet to find a hair twin or real life :(

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    i had the same thing happen.

    my doctor put me on yaz because of pcos and it was fine for a few months and then my hair started thinning out, i thought i was going crazy. i switched to desogen and have been on that for about a year. my hair is not as thick as before but it is getting back to its original state.

    my doctor said she had never had anyone have those side effects, so i don't know, it didn't work for me...
    3a hair

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  • ringletcurlringletcurl Registered Users Posts: 40
    All I can tell you is that hormones can change your hair in many ways. They can change the color, the curliness and the thickness. Whenever you mess with hormones, you can end up with different hair.

    I remember asking stylists why there were times when I was younger when my hair was straight and found out that it's due to hormones. I was curly as a little kid then it went straight, then curly as a teen.

    Women's hair changes after pregnancy too. Sometimes your body readjusts to the way it was and sometimes it doesn't from what I can tell.
  • katemonkkatemonk Registered Users Posts: 2
    I was originally put on the pill for what may be PCOS—though no doctor I have seen knows enough about it to truly diagnose me—but after I stopped, my hair is still thin and falling out. But there may be hope, I have been taking Andrew Lessman’s Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails for two months and I have seen a lot of new hair growth, so maybe in a year things will be more back to normal. The product seems to be good for others as well, I have read hundreds of user reviews and an overwhelming amount found it to be a good product, some men even said that they were balding and after some time of taking it grew much of their hair back.

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