Can you sleep in wet hair?

MaureneMaurene Posts: 69Registered Users
Seems like a lot of people with curlier can sleep in wet hair and have it turn out OK...but can any wavies do that? I'm pretty sure it'd just make my hair flatter/straighter. And, my hair isn't long enough to "pineapple."

I might try plopping overnight though. But still, I don't think it'd work. I'm alone with my baby this week (DH is on travel) and its hard to shower in the morning so I'll have to do it the night before.


  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Posts: 300Registered Users
    Nope. I definately can NOT sleep wet. I end up looking like Animal from the Muppet Show. LOL! Honestly if I know I do not have time to work on my hair and I need it presentable (I'm a SAHM) I straiten it. Not much help here I know, but it's the truth. Sorry! Maybe someone else can help more?
  • MaureneMaurene Posts: 69Registered Users
    I plopped overnight and it looks halfway decent today (but a bit messy).

    I washed at 7:45 and just kept my hair in a microfiber towel the whole time. At about 3-4 am the towel came off and my hair was still damp. At 6 am the towel was still wet but my hair wasn't. I need something I can put in my hair when its try to help tame it a bit. I tried Mop Top pomade which helped some but didn't give me much control. Oh, I only used a light gel on my after my shower. I was afraid a stronger gel would give me crazier hair.

    I might try it again tonight but my hair needs to look really nice tomorrow (but I can always pull it back).

    Heather - Animal is so cool though! :wink:
  • eweniqueewenique Posts: 1,502Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I tried going to bed with wet hair while plopping last night, and couldn't get to sleep. After a couple of hours I pineappled it and finally fell asleep. Sometimes I can get decent 2nd day hair by spraying it with lavendar water until it is damp before pineappling it at bedtime. It didn't work very well last night, though!
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    I get the most wave if I sleep on my hair wet.
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  • aprilmomaprilmom Posts: 27Registered Users
    When it is long, I can. I get great curl definition and hardly have to do anything in the morning. But when it is short to mid length (like now) no way. It just comes out all messy.
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  • bbbeccabbbecca Banned Posts: 232Banned Users
    I just cant do it. It makes me feel icky.
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  • HalSaHalSa Posts: 53Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    it works well for me. I wash my hair before going to sleep then add some La Coupe curl creme, and go to bed right after and in the morning my hair is soft and wavy/curly

    I have some pics of it in my fotki
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  • agent_003bdagent_003bd Posts: 142Registered Users
    If I want good hair the next day, I have to go to bed with wet hair. I apply my conditioner as a leave in, position my hair over my pillow so it is not squished, and zzz. In the morning, I perk up my tresses with a bit more conditioner and some water.
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