Considering a Pixie haircut-- help!

Hi I'm new so sorry if I'm doing something a bit off.

I have very thick, soft and curly hair. It hardly ever frizzes and doesn't do much of anything except make giant spiral curls all around my head. It really doesnt even need product to do it-- I've actually styled my hair with nothing, just a clip-- it always looks the same.

Right now I have a horrible haircut-- it's the second pix below-- super triangle syndrome (cut by a curlyhead too!) w/ random bits standing up because I had pretty bangs but got tired of straightening them.

Well, to the point-- I looked through the posts and I couldn't find many pictures-- but does anyone have a short, pixie cut with thick, ringlet hair? A coworker of mine suggested the style to my mom (who has my exact same hair). I've had my hair short many times and I'm not at all afraid to try a new style, just wondering how it might look before I leap.



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    Your current hair is beautiful! Maybe you could just get a trim and some long layers? JMHO...

    Have you tried the curlpix section at They have lots of curly pics maybe you'll find something you like.

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    What do you mean by Pixie Cut? My hair is similar to yours and I had mine cut super short (like Winona Ryder) and it looked really good! That was about 10 years ago... I've been thinking of doing it again, though. Have you found any pictures yet of the "pixie cut" that you mention?
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