Now what....

I tried some new products last night, and I'm not sure what my results mean.

Usually I use mousse, but my favorite has been discontinued ( I think) so I decided to try some gels.

I used Herbal Essence gel...Totally Twisted I believe it's called, raked that through my wet hair while upside down, the scrunched in some LOOB and just let it airdry to see what would happen.

once it was dry I kinda scrunched it to get out the crunch and the curls didn't frizz but they kind of expanded or something...I'm not sure what happened. It looks ok but the curls aren' very well defined I guess.

Did I not use enough? Do I need more hold or another product? I felt like I got a lot of gel in...I've been interestedi n trying Fuzzy Duck..for those of you who have tried these items would FD be more or less hold?
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    I don't like the HE Totally Twisted gel at all. I get no hold, no definition, no nothin'. I've never tried LOOB, so I can't answer to that. Fuzzy Duck is one of my favorite gels. It has light hold, but it gives my hair just enough hold to still allow it to curl around and I get very good definition and shine. This morning, for the first time, I used the Mop Top Detangler & Refresher spray on wet hair first before the gel, as per the instructions, and I've got better curl & definition today than usual. If you e-mail [email protected] and ask her for samples, I'm sure she'll send you some; she's very nice. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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    I personally didn't like TT either, but plenty of people here do.

    I would suggest trying a change in your routine by putting in plenty of TT gel, and then leave it alone to dry. Go about the rest of your morning, or do some things around the house - SOMETHING that keeps you from looking at, or touching your hair at all until it's dry. Once it's dry, it will hopefully have formed a hard shell, or cast on your hair. THEN take some LOOB on your hands, and go over the top as if you're pulling your hair into a ponytail, and then scrunch it in.
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    I found the LOOB too heavy for me, it weighed my hair down and made it overly clumpy, that being said lots of people love it here and it works great for them.

    I love Fuzzy Duck it is one of my favs
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    babywavy wrote:
    Once it's dry, it will hopefully have formed a hard shell, or cast on your hair. THEN take some LOOB on your hands, and go over the top as if you're pulling your hair into a ponytail, and then scrunch it in.

    I've never tried LOOB that way yet. Hmmm...

    I use it in very wet hair under my gel. That might be worth a try too.
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    LOOB tends to make me lose definition.
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    Not a big fan of TT, either. I got a halo frizz when it dried and not much curl definition after I scrunched it out, the diffuser made it worse. Haven't tried LOOB. If you don't mind cones and polyquats, I'd recommend Pravana's curl enhancing gel, it's fabulous if you're not CG.

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