Straight hair? Not an option anymore

I decided to try a modified CG about a week ago (still waiting for my book) and have been cone-free since (some products have pegs but I think that's okay). My hair is somewhere between 2A to 2C, sometimes even 3A if I'm lucky.

I still wash my hair with poo almost every day and today tired of messing with my hair I thought I'd do like I used to before and just brush it out while it's towel-dry and then braid it. Surprise, I can't!! I tried it and gave up after getting all tangled up. I gave up the idea and scrunched my hair with some gel and then diffused. The result? :afro: Poofy, stringy mess of waves and a couple of curls with some matty looking frizz on the right side of my head. I scrunched the frizz with soem water and now I'm waiting for the end result...

So, I guess me without cones means curls, waves and poofball hair and definitely no straightening... Has anyone noticed the same?
2C, 2A when brushed, on a good day even 3A


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    If you're shampooing every day, that's not really CG. If you can't brush out your hair, I would guess it's dry. I never had a problem with CG where I couldn't comb out my hair, in fact CG helped with tangling. I never had problems straightening on CG either, except my hair was healthier and looked better straight than when I used to blow dry every day.
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