I got Thermal Reconditioning!!

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My hair looks amazing!!!!!! As I posted in another thread, my hair was pretty badly damaged from daily hot ironing, so I can't believe how shiny and healthy it looks after the TR. I was beaming from ear to ear when I left the salon. It shines like crazy...I guess because it lays so flat.

I just got it done so I haven't even washed it yet, but so far I'm extremely pleased. I sought out an Asian salon so that I could get a better price ($260 before tip) and a stylist with more experience with the system. This guy was good...my ends were more damaged so he was very careful to process them for less time.

By the way, the type or reconditioning I got was Liscio.


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    I want to see pictures!
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    YAy! I had mine done in March & loved it!!
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  • devon00devon00 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I didn't have any good before shots because I avoided the camera because my hair was such a wreck.

    I'm a little shy about posting my photo online so I shielded my face...but I think you can get a good idea of how my hair looks.



    I love it!!! The only thing is that my mom is giving me a lot of grief about spending so much money on this...even though I got a great deal.
  • devon00devon00 Registered Users Posts: 6
    The owner of the salon I went to told me that he can offer a better price because it's his own salon, but at salons where employees offer the service would charge a lot more in order to make it profitable, since the stylist would get a cut of the fee. So if you're looking for a good deal my tips are 1. to find an asian salon and 2. try to go to a small salon where the owner performs the service.
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    It looks great!!! Shiny, healthy with great color too.

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    Hey...where in Orange County did you get the Liscio done? In live in Monterey County and it's impossible to find Liscio here.

    I just had a touch-up of the Bio-Ionic done on Friday. I paid twice as much as you did since it took 6 hours (my hair is extra long).

    Mine looks OK, but I think it's somewhat flatter than yours....it lies VERY flat against my head and I'm looking forward a little bit of grow out so it will look a bit more stylish. Mine has a shine, but I think yours looks a bit shinier.

    The lady who did my hair gave me some free Chi products to follow up with, which is cool, but I hope that mixing a different brand name with the Bio-Ionic won't be a problem.

    p.s...is your hair coarse or fine?

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