24 Products for sale at very low price.....

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Finally I’ve found my 'miracle-product' after years of searching! biggrin.gif Problem is, that I have to get rid of many products that I’ve tried out. All fine products, just didn’t do it for my hair... 24 products I have for sale. eek.gif
There is a big 'but'; I only want to sell the products in one sale. That’s why my asking prize is FL 75,- (Dutch Guilders).
If interested, please mail me at: [email protected]

- Bouncy Creme 1 liter bottle, ± 1/2 full
- Paul Mitchell Sculpting foam 16 oz, ± 5 times used
- Initiativ - Eau de Toilette 100 ml, ± 3/4 full
- Curl Up Bounce Back Spray 200 ml, of which ± 30 ml used
- Curl Up Curling Balm 180 ml, ± 100 ml is left
- Bodyshop Define and no Frizz 100 ml, ± 4 times used
- Basler Gelaufbaukur Multivitamin 125 ml, ± 3/4 full
- Basler Pfirsich aufbaukur, 125 ml ± 3/4 full
- Basler Langhaarstabilisator 200 ml, ± 4 times used
- Basler Rosenblüten stylingschaumkur 200 ml, ± 5x used
- Basler New Look Brushing Mousse met perzik 200 ml, ±4 times used
- Basler Teebaumöl Schaumfestiger 150 ml, ± 5 times used
- L'Oreal spray-mousse VolumeUp 200 ml, halfful
- Basler Aloë-Vera Styling Schaumkur 200 ml, almost full
- Henna Plus Botanical volume styling brushing mouse 150 ml, 1/3 full
- L'Oreal Elsève Fixing gel 150 ml, 1/3 full
- L'Oreal Elsève instant herstelkuur halflang en lang haar (hairrepair for halflong and long hair) 100 ml, 1/4 full
- Aussie Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner 250 ml, almost full
- Guhl vitaliserende haarkuur met capsules 100 ml, 1/3 full
- Basler Ontwarringsspuitbalsem (detangler) 200 ml, 1/4 full
- Aussi Smoothy Curls and curves 250 ml, almost full.
- Dep Level 4 Shine Gel 12 oz, 1/2 full.
- Spring Glory Honing Shampoo voor lang haar (Honey shampoo for long hair), nieuwe verpakking 250 ml.
- Charles Worthington Big, Big hair Lift-off ultrafine hairspray, about 150 ml left.


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Hi Joleen,

    I just wanted to know what your miracle product is, and what type of hair you have.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Hi there,

    I have 3b hair. After years of searching and spending a lot of money, Pantene suddenly puts this line for curlyheads on the market. The mousse does great things for my hair and it's fairly cheap...


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