Keratin Relaxer, FrizzCure, and Brazilian Chocolate Relaxer

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The Brazilian Keratin Relaxer can be done with Formaldehyde but doesn't have to be, it's just the cheaper way of doing it and probably should be avoided until the product undergoes more testing and they replace the formaldeyhyde with a less toxic ingredient. It was featured in the NY Times:

FrizzCure is new and was developed by chemists, and is available in many cities. They should provide much more detail on what the product is, how it was developed and what their credentials are to consumers, but stylists all over are already providing this service to customers even with the sketchy broken website. They are restructuring the company as Fabune but the website isn't up completely yet, but it does have a list of salons that do the FrizzCure:

Last but not least is the Brazilian Chocolate Relaxer, which uses Cocoa and coffee bean extracts instead of formaldehyde; this one is gentler on the hair. They have a list of importers in other countries and an email you can contact them at:

I have extremely frizzy, very fragile, stands straight up on my head like a cotton ball hair that has been natural for 7 years. It breaks off easily when I comb it, relax it or even luck at it funny. It shrinks when I sweat, wet it and if I wear it natural so, it's shrinks all the time. Anything that is taking my curls down by one without chemicals would be a godsend. These products may not yet be it but they are a step in the right direction. I don't want straight mind you, just and end to the frizzing, shrinking, tangling, breaking and poufing.

And again, stands straight up on my head; all lotions, potions and shampoos with pretty names and scents do nothing for my hair (tried them all) so I'm glad to see that the holy grail of a true Natural Relaxer is still being searched for. I'm especially intersted in the Brazilian Cocoa/Coffee concoction; I've read other research that coffee is a natural hair relaxer, and there is one patent pending for a coffee relaxer, but this is the first product I've seen to take the leap and create a relaxer.

Good luck, Ladies!


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    I've heard that the results of the formaldehyde version last longer compared to when it's done without it.
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    I just wanted to warn everyone here about my experience with FrizzCure. I had it done four months ago and had a really good experience. I have SUPER curly hair and I color it, so the idea of being able to tame it and still color it was very appealing to me. The first time everything was fine except that I had some patches that were still frizzy (i was told they were damaged and I needed a hair cut etc). All things considered though, I was very happy with the results, so much so that I just had it done again. This time however, it burned like crazy after about 5 minutes. I looked at the timer and I still had 7 minutes left! I now (next day) have sores on my scalp and scabs! I'm freaking out, needless to say...The first time I did it, I did not have any burning, stinging or itching. This time was a totally different story. My hair feels ok, a bit dried out, and I'm now afraid that it will fall out. I contacted the salon, which was nice but has not offered any compensation yet (a surprise to me). They have said they will contact the company and get back to me. Does anyone have any suggestions of hat I can/should do? How should I treat this? I have washed with cold water only, no product or shampoo and have put cortisone cream on the scabs...

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