Question for Cherish about My Diet

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Hey, Cherish. I see you're the resident nutrition expert.

I'm a former athlete (runner) in fairly decent shape. My diet is OKAY. But I could make improvements. I'm holding onto 5-8 pounds for no good reason.

I see that you recommend a diet of 40/30/20 (protein/carbs/fat). Can you elabortate?

By the way, you might remember me from BHC/YHCP. :lol: 8)


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    Did you have the same username on BHC/YHCP? Those were the good ole days of superb train wrecks :lol:

    I was suggesting 40/40/20 or 50/30/20 to anyone wanting to be stringent about maintaining lean muscle and thereby keeping their metabolism high. It's easier to gain fat than gain muscle, and easier to catabolize muscle than lose fat.

    I've done both splits successfully in the past (with weight training) when I wanted a leaner look. I will probably return to that this summer if I can stay focused enough.
  • CostenyaCostenya Registered Users Posts: 520
    No. Had a different user name. We used to chat a lot actually. I'll send you a PM. :lol:

    Now, back to diet...

    Thanks for responding.

    I want to maintain and increase lean muscle.

    I used to be a runner, which I recently gave up due to a stress fracture I incurred three years ago. My hip has never been the same. So, now, I walk, swim laps, and bike. I'm considering taking up weight trainig. But, I want to have a lean look. I'm pear shaped with legs that tend to bulk up very quickly. I used to lift weight a lot. But, I'm hardpressed to get to the gym. I'm enjoying the outdoors. The only time I go to the gym now is to do laps in the pool.

    Any suggestions. Here's what I ate today:


    1 cup goat's milk yogurt
    1 banana
    handful of almonds


    1 can of sardines
    two slices of spelt bread with tahini butter (about 1.5 tbsp)


    3 quesadillas (3 small corn tortillas with queso chihuahua)
    1 cup of kale

    I know I needed more veggies. I was on the run.

    Today, I walked close to 5.5 miles. :shock: LOL. Long story, but I did my usual walk to work (about 3.7 miles) and then had to walk to my mechanic from campus/work. I love to walk. And since I'm a former runner, it takes walking REALLY long distances to get me tired.

    ETA: I also nibbled on a small serving of cashews.

    I re-calculated the mileage I walked yesterday. It wasn't seven--closer to 5.4
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    I can't believe it's you!!! :D You're such an athlete. I remember being in awe of your running. I tend to start to run, but then can't sustain it for more than a few weeks.

    Ok, your diet looks great, very healthy. I'm guessing the queso chihuahua is a protein?

    I would add another snack besides the cashews... like some fruit, giving you 3 meals and 2 snacks.

    The easiest way (or should I say my way ;) ) of doing a split is on a per meal basis. I try to keep each meal at very roughly those percentages, then I toss in 2s that are nuts and/or fruit.

    With weight training, I have the same body type as you, and what I find is that I have to avoid squats :nono:nono1.gif They are great for getting muscle building process started, but they tend to create a bulky look, not a lean one.

    For the lower body, it's strictly lunges (just sides right now due to a weird ankle thing) and deadlifts for me. I also do pilates. I walk quite a lot for errands, at lunchtime, and also do the elliptical (when motivated). I will post my program in a minute.
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    This is my current schedule. I'm not sticking to it too well at the moment so I'm thinking of cutting back on some days until I'm a bit more organized :?

    Workout Schedule

    Day AM PM
    Monday Elliptical Weights (Chest, Triceps, Biceps)
    Tuesday Elliptical Pilates (full body dvd)
    Weds Elliptical Weights (Shoulders, Back)
    Thurs Elliptical Pilates (abs dvd)
    Fri Driving Range Weights (Legs)
    Sat Hill walk or hike Pilates (full body dvd) or Power Yoga
    Sun Off Off


    Hammer Curls

    Tricep dips,
    Tricep kickbacks

    Bench press/Incline Bench press
    Flyes/Incline Flyes

    One arm dumbbell row
    Bent over rows

    Shoulder press,

    Stiff-legged Deadlift
    Side Lunges
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    Yes, it's me. :) *waving*

    No need to be in awe. LOL. The days of hardcore running and marathoning are OVER. :cry: My left hip has never felt the same since the pelvic stress fracture I incurred three years ago. Maybe I'll return to running in the future. But my body needs a break.

    Yes, queso chihuahua is a cheese--a type of Mexican cheeese. It's great for melting.

    Okay, later on last night, I nibbled on some more cereal and cashews. BAD GIRL! I know what my weaknesses are. Or, rather, weakness! I overeat. And I have a sweets addiction, which I'm trying to break. LOL. That's why I'm holding onto those five pesky pounds.

    Okay, I'm glad to hear we have the same body type. That means we can share notes. :D How much do you lift for each exercise?

    I was doing pilates for a while. I think I'm going to incorporate it back into my routine. I'm going to see if I can weight train three days a week.

    I'm in grad school so I have to be creative about working out, since I don't have the time I used to have.
  • CherishCherish Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    I have a sweets addiction, too :lol: I'm trying to cut back, don't think I can ever break it..not sure I want to break it.

    For each exercise, I typically use 15 or 20 lbs dumbbells. I would like to get a barbell at some point. For lateral and front raises, which I haven't put into rotation in a while, I have 10lbs dumbbells.

    What type of pilates did you use to do? I do Ana Caban's, and recently I bought this dvd called Classical Pilates Technique, Complete mat workout. I have yet to break it out.
  • CostenyaCostenya Registered Users Posts: 520
    I use a pilates deck (of cards) that I bought at a back speciality store. It's called "The Pilates Deck" by Shirley Arture. It has over 50 postures/exercises.

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