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has anyone used it? i'm really dying to try it but am not sure.



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    In the latter pages of the Mineral Makeup thread the curlies are talking about it. I just read it, having just bought a full size of the EM foundation and am thinking 'damn' :lol: Thought the slight chalkiness in EM would go for all mineral makeup but apparently Lumiere has a more comfortable finish. Sounds like good stuff.
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  • DiscoBloodbathDiscoBloodbath Posts: 24Registered Users
    oh thanks, i'll be sure to check that.

    the thing about lumiere though it's that it is pricier than other mma brands. like EM, which i like, is way cheaper, specially when it comes to kits. while lumiere charges like $18 for 12g of foundation. but if it's good i don't mind it that much.
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    I love Lumiere MMU. It's great stuff. Nice finish. I regularly use the foundation (it's one of my HG's, along with Meow Cosmetics), and her eye colors are lovely.

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