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Hi All :)

I used to color my own hair, did so for years. When I would do it I always colored all of the hair, not just the roots. Well, over the years I caused a lot of damage (surprise!) so now I go to a salon for coloring. My hair is colored very blond but naturally I'm darker. I've been wanting to go darker but for the year that I've been salon coloring my stylist only colors my roots. SO, my hair doesn't really seem to be changing color very quickly, she only does an inch or two every other month :(

Does that seem right to all of you?? I guess I expected her to color the entire thing the darker shade and then do some highlights. That is what I wanted. Can you color darker over blond? And when I say darker I don't mean dark, just more of a honey blond, light brown rather than this light blond that I have now.


Thanks :)
Blessings, Bridget


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    If you are staying with the same color, then she is correct in only coloring the new growth. But if you want to change color/go darker, then she should color the whole head once. Then go back to root touch-ups with the new darker color afterwards. If you've been wanting to go darker and get highlights, then she's not listening. Ask her why she won't do them. Maybe your hair is too damaged for highlights, but you can still go darker. :?:
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