Why did I do this?! HELP!

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Ok, so I decided that after months of CG and getting my hair into a well-conditioned state, that I would get my dark brown hair highlighted with a carmely-light brown highlight. My hair has been highlighted before, the last time being about a year and a half ago, so it was pretty much grown out. In the past, my hair has responded to coloring normally: it'd be a little dryer, but nothing drastic that I couldn't handle (and this was pre-CG). I figured since going CG and the fact that I was actually having problems with OVER conditioning, that my hair would be fine to color.

It's been 2 weeks since I was highlighted and my hair feels like crap. Absolute crap. It used to be really silky and shiny and now it's just coarse. There's no softness at all and I've never had so many problems with detangling. I also feel like there's handfuls of it coming out in the shower. The color looks good, it just feels so AWFUL! I've been co-washing with my VO5 and conditioning with my B2B Pom which in the past got me overconditioned. The weird thing is that for as dry as my hair feels, it doesn't seem to be absorbing the condish at all. When I comb through in the shower, the condish is all on the comb.

Any ideas on how to get my hair back to normal? For now, my routine is co-washing, conditioning, leaving the B2B in and combing it through, and then adding a little Curl Junkie leave in, and putting it in a lose bun or braid. There's no way I'm subjecting this mess to heat. HELP!
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  • curlybrunette5curlybrunette5 Registered Users Posts: 264
    ooo I forgot to add that I have an appointment next week to have my hair layered, clarified and deep conditioned. I'm thinking that the cut with get rid of some of the dead ends, but should I go through with the clarifyer or will that just dry me out more?
    3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

    My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok
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    Wish I could help you but know I feel your pain :lol: ! I've been getting my dark brown hair highlighted for a couple of years now. Over the weekend, I decided to put my natural color back on and now I look like I have one of those cheap Halloween witch wigs from Walmart on :shock: ! I should have used a color 2-3 shades lighter because I KNOW how dark it always looks for the first week or so afterwards. But this time it is just way too dark for me.

    I went and got some layers cut into it, but it hasn't helped. I've been using a treatment I saw on the Long Hair Community called an SMT. Use 1 part of your favorite conditioner, 1/4 part aloe vera gel (like Fruit of the Earth), and 1/4 part honey. You're supposed to warm it in the microwave, but I didn't because I want the honey to help lighten my hair (and it won't if warmed). Put that on, wrap your hair in plastic or a mf towel for however long you want (I've done it for 90 mins. at a time), then rinse. An AVC rinse is recommended. I did that and haven't noticed any help with the dryness.

    Plus, for now, gels nor mousse works at all in my hair at all. When I highlight, it always takes about a week for my hair to get back to normal. I did this Friday, so I'm hoping in the next couple of days it'll calm down. But for now ... why did I do this? :lol:

    Hope your hair is better by now ...

    **Edited to add: I went digging down in this thread about lightening my hair. Found out about ColorFix, went and got it after work and voila! My hair is back to a more natural color and I look like myself again!!! Sorry if this ended up being a guano :wink: .
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    I also higlighted my hair, and it feels the same way, DRY!! :cry: I have been doing extra DTs. I am also adding extra conditioner to the areas that feel dry, after my hair has dried. It seems I need to give my hair all the moisture it needs.
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    Get some almond oil and put it IN your DRY hair. Leave it on all night with a cap.
    You will love the results. This is what I do after I have my hair highlighted and it works everytime.
    I am a 2c w/spirals underneath! 35 years old with 85% white hair. I am currently using DevaOne everyday with No Poo. I am using Smooth N Shine Gel Conditioner Extra-Hold on my course hair and it works awesome for 3 bucks. I found putting Color Magic into my hair color really covers the gray well. :blob7:

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