Decisions, decisions....

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Hi there! I have 3A-3B blonde hair. I was born with white-blonde hair, and as I aged, it started to darken. After a while, it got so dark that I started highlighting it to keep on being blonde. A few years ago, I dyed it dark for a few months, and then ended up going back blonde. Just for reference, I would say my hair looks a bit like Keri Russell's or Shakira's. Right now, I'm contemplating either dyeing it dark again, or going a little bit more blonde. I have no idea which way I should go! I wear my hair both curly and straight just to mix things up. There are some pictures of me on my MySpace at If anyone could help me out with this decision and really quickly check out my pictures I'd greatly appreciate it! ~Erica

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    i'm not sure if i'm much help but i think your hair looks great as it is on your myspace! I think you suit blonde :D
    fine 3b curls and spirals - first goal BSL!!

    HG's - Body Shop Honey shampoo & conditioner and Shea Moisture leave-in condish which gives me lovely frizz-free bouncy curls. My PJ is calling me to experiment with gels again... argh!
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    You and your hair are gorgeous. I wouldn't change anything.
    3A-3B mix, medium-thick, prone to splitting. Products: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner, Jojoba oil, Free me freesia conditioner to detangle. Trying to experiment with protein DTs a few times a month.

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