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I recently stopped using shampoo and i used radiant red for my hair for many years and I am really worried my color will fade faster without a color treated shampoo/conditioner.....can someone help me with suggestions?


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    See the Deva Red topic on this board. It might be the answer to your problem.

    The Deva color shampoos are loaded with color. I use them on my hair when my color is starting to get dull and they seem to help. I like the Chocolate NoPoo.
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    Since you aren't using shampoo your color should last longer. Shampoo tends to fade dye.
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    Yeah I wouldnt be worried about not having the shampoo. Conditioner is what really protects your hairs color and conditioner is cg, so just invest in a good conditioner or leave-in (like john frieda brilliant brunette or the deva line)

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