soo, when you flip your hair back up after scrunching...?

Well, this may sounds like an odd question, but it is one that has been bothering me nonetheless! So I know how a lot of people scrunch in products upside down and rinse conditioner out upside to help w/volume and clumping, but what about when you flip your hair back up? When I do this, I have really messy/undefined roots and it's just all weird looking. I also have pretty thin hair, I dunno if that makes a difference.

I'm just wondering if this is what happens to everyone? How do you get more defined & smooth roots without combing through?



  • GrecianCurlsGrecianCurls Registered Users Posts: 256
    It kind of depends on the individual head of hair, mine doesn't like being combed through much so if i do rake product through i have to do it very gently or literally just run my hands through once. To avoid raking at all i'll normally do everything the right way up except my final rinse which i'll do upside down but i only rinse for a few seconds (i leave a fair bit of conditioner in), this way will only a small amount of rinsing the back of my hair isn't completely slapped down!
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    When i flip back up I scrunch again in the back of my hair. Otherwise the curls get all weird and deformed.

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  • StarmieStarmie Registered Users Posts: 7,169 Curl Virtuoso
    I can't do anything upside down as my hair doesn't fall back into place when I flip back up. It needs so much "tweaking" to get it right that I just lose all definition/curl formation etc and end up with frizz. I think it just doesn't work for some people.
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  • SpiritAndCurlsSpiritAndCurls Registered Users Posts: 75
    I go right into plopping after bending over to rinse and applying product, so I dunno what to tell ya. :(
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  • DitdahDitdah Registered Users Posts: 151
    I can't do it all upside down – my curls at my crown look, well, crazy. They clump weird and lay funny. I rinse out my conditioner upside down, then flip over and rinse QUICKLY with cool water. When my hair is soaked, I smooth and then GENTLY rake my products in (right-side up.) Then I lean forward and scrunch, then each side and scrunch, then flip back up and scrunch. I just can’t go from flipped over to plopping without scrunching and such – I look crazy.
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  • GreencurlsGreencurls Registered Users Posts: 81 Curl Connoisseur
    I do washing and rinsing upside down, then scrunch gel in upside down, then plop. When I take the towel off my head, upside down, I flip my hair over my head when I stand up, then shake my head. Sometimes I even jump up and down to get the hair to come down more, LOL! Then I look to see if there are any really crazy areas. I just grab a clump and tug at it until it looks more laid down. I sometimes have to move a clump from one side of my part to the other. Seems to work okay for me, most of the time.
  • meriellynmeriellyn Registered Users Posts: 1,135
    I have this problem too. I thought I'd have to give up plopping because of it but I've found something that works for me, for now.
    I rinse upright, allpy my leave-in, comb through and part w/ wide toothed comb, rake in curl-enhancer, then flip and scrunch in gel and plop, but oly for about 5min or so rather than the 20 or so I did before. I don't get the weird lumps on top anymore. :D
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  • juvjoyjuvjoy Registered Users Posts: 670
    I flip up & kinda lightly tousle into the sides to make the shape i want my hair to dry in....ditto for the crown & front. Then I just scrunch a little more shape into it w/ my micro towel. HTH!

  • LavenderCurlsLavenderCurls Registered Users Posts: 1,478 Curl Connoisseur
    This is a great question and one I've always meant to ask despite being here for 3 years :lol:! Always learning, I've found that it depends on what I use and how I dry it.

    If I use a mousse or just a little gel and want to mainly air dry before diffusing, I don't even scrunch except to get out the drippies. I turn right side up, and rake my hair up from the bottom. Keeps my waves/curls from curling up too much and gives my hair a longer look.

    If I'm using alot of product, I kept bent over until my hair is squishy with product. Clip it and plop for 20-30 minutes. When I unplop, bending over, I go straight into using my bowl diffuser because my hair just sticks to the back of my head if I don't :shock: :lol: . I diffuse for 5-10 minutes, let air dry for awhile, then diffuse again to help scrunch out any crunchies and/or add volume.
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  • LizaMarzLizaMarz Registered Users Posts: 193
    I have pretty thick hair but have the same problem as you when flipping back up. My solution has been to not flip over anymore and everything is so much better!!! I flip over only to blow-dry. and sometimes I flip over to just glaze gel over the hair underneath. I try really hard not to rake in products either but just to glaze it on in sections. scrunching with hair leaning to one side at a time works good too. I think jessicurl has videos on her site of her srunching with hair to one side.
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  • WaterLilly952WaterLilly952 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    I have a problem with the upside down styling as well I believe. I just started using styling products about a month ago so I am pretty new at this! I have partially straight partially 2b wavy hair. So far, I have been applying the styling cream and gel in the shower with my head upside down after washing. When it is upside down, the waves look really good after scrunching and they look really nice when i take my hair out of the plop. However, when i flip my hair right side up at that point, the hair all around my head is all matted looking and stuck together, the nice wavy clumps are gone! I think I have to try the right side up styling next time.
  • earthnutearthnut Registered Users Posts: 231 Curl Novice
    I shampoo and condition right side up, but do my final rinse and apply leave in upside down. Then it goes right into a plop (still upside down). In fact I've been sleeping with it still up. It's not until the morning when it's mostly dry that I flip it right side up again. Some roots at the back need some adjusting, but that's it! Too much flipping creates frizz.

    If upside down doesn't work for you, but right side up styling doesn't lift your roots enough, try styling to the side. 
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