Cleansing oils?

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My skin is super dry. I've been using a product called Cera Ve for a couple of months and have realized that it's not working for my skin. The cearatyl (sp?)makes my skin burn. The same happens when I try Cetaphil. The Derm thinks I'm nuts because "That's the most gentle line out there" My skin is also very sensitive, dry , but gets oily by lunch. I have been using Retin A for a few months and it has helped my acne and fine lines. Anyway...I think I may want to try some cleansing oils. I feel like my skin is "out of balance" Brand recs? How to use? Any helpful hints?


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    I love DHC skin care products. they are a Japanese based company. I swear by the Deep cleansing oil. It removes makeup so easily and gently. I then follow up with mild soap. I also use the mild toner and their rich moisturizer.

    Unfortunately they don't have stores here but I think they do in California.
    But their prices and shipping are reasonable and fairly quick.
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    I love the DHC deep cleansing oil as well. The company is very big on sending out free samples,( that's how I originally discovered them) so you could call them to try out the starter kit which includes the cleansing oil.
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    Thanks for the info. I think I have heard of this company..I'll check them out. :)
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    I use Laventine cleansing oil. The site is They have several formulas, depending on your skin type, and very helpful FAQ section to help you decide. This is all I use at night to wash my face. I wear physical sunscreen every day, and mineral makeup -- this has been great at removing everything.
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