New to this forum; assorted questions

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Hi there. I am new to this group.

I have extremely fine curly hair. My hair is more fine in the front, and it seems to grow more slowly in the front too. I am growing out some long bangs, and it is taking forever.

My hair is also colored. I used to do it blonde (it is naturally reddish brown) and so I have to keep semipermanents on it or lowlights to keep it growing out. What you see is pretty close to my natural color.

I used to do a lot of blow drying and still use a curling iron to combat severe "shrinkage" in the bangs and front layers.

I run and work out a lot, and the frequent washing made my precious lowlights slip out too fast, and a friend told me about this site and the no poo technique.

My favorite conditioner is "Color Seal" made by the Satin company. It is low pH and does not have a lot of proteins in it, and it is detangling. However, I am still searching for something that will make my hair feel thicker.

I also like the hairspray "Flip it Over" by Big Sexy Hair.

I'd like advice on:
*products that make the hair feel thicker without silicones or too much protein
*hair growing vitamins that really, really work
*what to do if you have to wash a lot and want to keep your color

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  • alaskabellealaskabelle Posts: 216Registered Users
    I can't figure out how to attach a photo, or make my photo small enough to add as an avatar.
    3aFii, ?/26/36+ (wet)
    CG since 5-29-07
    Current condish: Nature's Gate Aloe & Regis Cherry Almond
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    GNC ultra nourishair for women works real well for me for hair growth.

    Shampooing just strips the color out, a no sulfate, no glycerine, no citrus shampoo should work. I hope someone who still dyes their hair will chime in here.

    To make your hair seem thicker you can use a thick gel and rake it through. That separates the hairs so they don't clump big and you get more volume.
    Diffuse your hair upside down.
    Keep some layers in your hair for volume.

    I miss the spray it big days. I still get volume but I wish my hair did what others complain about, got real big in the humidity. It gets curlier but not bigger.
    Oh and the thick gel should be good hold too. Seems like the light hold ones dont' thicken my hair enough. I do get some volume with Abba weightless gel too just by virtue of it being super light and good hold.

    I love me some big hair!
    Low porosity, medium texture.

    If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
  • alaskabellealaskabelle Posts: 216Registered Users
    Thanks for your advice on the vitamins.....

    Does anybody know of a hairspray that can make big hair but washes out without shampoo?

    As you can see I figured out the picture :)
    3aFii, ?/26/36+ (wet)
    CG since 5-29-07
    Current condish: Nature's Gate Aloe & Regis Cherry Almond

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