Current Daycare just fell through!! UGH

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Dropped Liam off this AM at Daycare.. He's a DROP IN baby....Going 2 days a week because that's all we can swing financially right now... anyway I knew that at any time once they had a full infant capacity of babies paying the full price Liam would be out... Well I was just notified that as of July 1 I have to find someplace else!!

I am not mad at them they had to do it but now its time to start looking again.... Hubby is so close to his getting his PhD I can't ask him to stay home 5 days a week (he was staying home 3 and that was a pain for him, because he was falling behind)

Does anyone know of any websites for daycare finders.. I may just post something on Craig's List for maybe home daycare. I could probably swing $80/day


PS: Thanks for letting me vent!!!
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    What about an add in a local college paper??

    You can require references, interview ect.

    That is what we are doing next year, you can interview them, they can come to you house (so you don't kane to even drop him off) and it is a good babysitter for the future if either of you want a night out or need another day in the week.

    I will need someone for 3 hours a day 2 days a week next year, this is what i plan on doing.

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    Deedle, check with your state social services. Around here, they provide a list of registered home care providers on their website. That's a really good place to start.

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    Thanks DA and deezee, I think I will do that.. I haven't told DH yet I didn't have the heart he was having a crappy day at work why make it worse.. :? :?

    Liam: 6 years old
    Colin: 3 years old
    Location: Williamsburg, Virginia
    Member Since: August 2000
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    Yeah, it's hard to find someone p/t...g/l
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    Do you have any of the larger day care centers in your area? If it's only two days a week, it's possible that they have openings.

    Day Care for infants is VERY hard to find.

    My child care for baby #2 fell through a month before I had to return to work...and the waiting lists for infant care around here are up to a YEAR long.

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