Flax seed is protein isn't it?

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DARN! I just made a whole batch of this flax seed gel, and my hair turned into one giant poof ball! Then it dawned on me...poof ball usually equal protein. And flax seed has protein in it. Am I right??


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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the gel Fluffy! :(
    That's interesting..You know flax seed does contain protein(although it's mostly made up of fat). I really had never thought about that actually. My hair has never liked any other kind of protein, and that includes a lot of different kinds, even egg whites and protein found in nature. I think since I put so many other moisturizng ingredients in it I've never experienced a typical protein reaction to it. Before you completely give up on the gel though(especially since you already made a batch), I would try adding some hold to the gel to see if that might be the problem. Flax seed gel has very little hold on it's own. I've been using Agave Nectar for that(thanks to a tip from curlies on here). That should also make the batch more moisturizing too. Also, what other ingredients did you put in the flax seed gel? My hair poofed out when I put Aloe Gel in the flax seed.
    So yes, it's very possible it could be because of the protein, but at this point it could also be a number of factors that gave you a bad hair day.
    If I were you, before I completely give up on the flax seed gel, I would experiment with your recipe some more.(on a day where you don't have somewhere important to go to :wink:)
    And look on the bright side, even if the gel doesn't work out for you, flax seeds are so cheap that you really didn't lose much by giving it a try. If you have more flax seed left you could try adding some to your diet, it's a powerfood. 8)
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    Hey girl! Thanks for the reply! You know it may be the aloe vera! I think our hair is very similar, so if you had problems with the aloe vera, i'll bet that's what it is! I'm combating the frizzies with it by layering gel over it. We'll see how that works. I may just have to make up a new batch without the aloe vera and see how that does. If it doesn't work any better...it could be the epsom salts I put in it. Hmm...

    Thanks! :)
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    ahhhh Epsom salt gives me HUGE hair. I experiemented with it so I'm sure of that. You have hair like me? Yay, another hair twin. :D
    Can't wait to hear how your experiementing goes!
  • Fluffy01Fluffy01 Posts: 271Registered Users
    Well, my curls are definitely not as beautiful as yours, but as for what works for your hair and what doesn't....definitely hair twins lol. So I'm guessing it's the epsom salts now cause I've been getting "huge hair". LOL. Not to mention I've used aloe vera before and haven't noticed huge hair. But yeah, my hair hates protein, silicones, etc. I may just have to add epsom salts to the list. I could try sea salt tho! :D
  • IwantcurlyhairIwantcurlyhair Posts: 338Registered Users
    Well that's even better, I've never met ANYONE with hair as picky as mine. I'm sure your hair is lovely! Thanks for the compliment!
    Actually Aloe Vera doesn't make my hair huge either, I think I've heard of others who it has though, which is why I mentioned it. I use it in deep treatments because of how moisturizing and smooth it makes my hair. I just don't use it in the gel because it seems to smooth my hair too much and pull out some of the curl if that makes any sense.
    Hmmm sea salt I've never tried that one before. :?: You'll have to let me know how that goes. Have you ever tried making the gel with herbs? I make tea like normal, and instead of adding water to the flax seeds, I use the herb water(just make sure there are no herbs left in the water before you use it to cook with). Isn't it fun to experiment? :)

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