The salon SNUCK and put a TEXLAX in my hair!!!! HELPPPP!

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First off I want to say... I am devastated šŸ˜­šŸ˜­!

3 weeks ago I went to the salon for my semi annual blow out! I have been going to this salon (Mena's-- an Egyptian ran establishment) for OVER 10 YEARS! They've always been good to me!!! But I guess they're 10 year streak has come to an end!

After 3 weeks of straight hair I was ready for my curls back! I wet my hair in the shower and I began to smell PERM!!! I had no idea where it was coming from... maybe I was smelling bathroom cleaner.. idk! I just continued to wash and deep condition my hair! After all that the smell remained and my curls seemed to be looser and my hair felt different than usual! Still I wasn't convinced... I just knew they could not have put a perm in my hair.

My husband hugged me and said "did you perm your hair?" At that point I almost flatlined!! (Dramatic i know)

Unfortunately, I believe I have been deceived and my natural hair journey has been thrown out the window!

I guess at this point I need to know how to care for my hair in this new stupid state!

Protein treatment? What?

Please help!!

A scorned Naturalista


  • spirallyyoursspirallyyours Registered Users Posts: 69 Curl Neophyte
    I'm sorry about what happened to you. That sounds absolutely horrifying and I would feel so violated knowing I was taken advantage of by people who you trusted for over a decade. I hope you left a review detailing what they have done. People need to see what they are doing to their customers.

    I haven't experienced the same thing so I can't offer much in the advice department, (I mostly wanted to offer my condolences) but I am certain that after a treatment like that you will need a protein treatment.

    Again, I am so sorry and I hope that you get the help that you need.
    3B with a little 3C mixed in. My hair's porosity is on the low, low. Fine, medium density. Finally reached shoulder length!

  • iheartlondoniheartlondon Registered Users Posts: 1 Curl Connoisseur
    You can file a suit with their insurance.Ā  I won $3000 when an ethiopian woman relaxed my hair and didn't know what she was doing.Ā  Call and get their insurance information and file a claim. Good luck.

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