Anyone have a 2B/2C-friendly stylist in the Dallas, TX area?

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Alternate subject: UGH! Stylist totally ignored me & used silicones & sulfates on my hair!
I tried searching the database but I honestly don't know what I'm looking for. I have heard that some stylists who are great with Type 3 and 4 hair don't always know what to do with a wavy, so I need some help!

I've been doing CGM for about 3 weeks. I already had a cut scheduled before I started, and I needed a trim, so I kept the appointment. My stylist is decent but not curly-friendly and honestly I haven't loved her, but I have long hair that only needs cuts maybe twice a year, so I just keep sucking it up and going back. I showed up with curly hair, told her about CGM (she'd "maybe heard of it") and explained I was using NO sulfates, NO silicones. Yeah... don't know if she didn't know what her products had in them or didn't care, but pretty sure everything she used had one or the other or both. She cut off 3 inches (that part she did what I asked) and I'm still finding split ends. I know I had some damage but it shouldn't be that much! It is SO time for a new stylist. Anyone got a recommendation?  I live in North Dallas, but can drive if I need to.


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    I don't have a recommendation, but I live in North Texas also and would love to know if you end up finding someone who is good.
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    You might want to watch Real Life Curly Girl on YouTube or Instagram. She lives in Dallas, has wavy hair and is happy with her stylist. She would probably share that with you.
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    Hi there, please message me if you find someone you love. I am in Frisco and in need of the same!

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