Why Won't My Hair Hold A Twistout?

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Hello I am new to this site. I mistakenly asked this question on general discussion about curly hair and since I can't remove it. I thought I would repost it here. I have been having this weird problem with my hair. When I twist out my hair, the first day it has a curl pattern in the shape of the twists (as it should) but the soon after - anywhere from later in the week to the next day - it shrinks up into a super curly declumped texture that is more similar to my natural hair. The new texture might either be my actual texture or a slightly stretched out version. I am not really sure because I am not that familiar with my hair and I have not done a wash and go since I started doing twist outs. Also my hair is naturally frizzy and undefined. So the shrunken style is not what my hair would look like if it was naked. It's like this whole other wash and go ish twist out result. 

Here is an example: Pay attention to my bangs
Flat twist out after I unraveled it:

Next day

I have no idea what could be causing it and it is a little bit frustrating. I love the texture of these unclumped twist outs but I would like to have more variety in my styling i.e. I want to be able to have a twist out texture when I plan to. This has happened to me when I used only gel on hair that had been moisturized a few days before (I wet it with spray bottle), only a leave in on freshly washed and conditioned hair, a leave in and a gel on freshly washed hair, and a cream to refresh after my hair had become like the second picture. I also don't separate my hair. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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