HELP! mask burned my face!!

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I was using the clean and clear blackhead mask and kept it on for the usual around 7 minutes(the box says 5 but that never does anything). I took it off and applied my toner and moisturizer. my mom looked at me about a half hour later and she was like "why is your face burned?!" and I'm freaking out!! half of my face is bright red! I caked on some aloe and keep reapplying but is there anything else I can do? on the plus side, when this goes away I will have baby smooth skin there lol but I want it to heal quickly!!


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    when i've been over zealous and burned my face i've found that aloe vera gel helps. if it's a really bad scabby chemical type burn i'll use neosporin (that has zinc in it) just on that burned spot
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  • luvs2sinnngggluvs2sinnnggg Posts: 111Registered Users
    yeahhh.. it's already looking better and it will most likely look totally normal tomorrow. thanks!
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    I'm an esthetician and I have a lot of clients who do this. Sometimes less really is more. Whenever using a product that has any kind of acid/chemical it is so so so important to follow the directions. When you leave a product on for too long or use it more than recommended over time you could end up over-sensitizing your skin. Your skin could become red/inflamed, dry, and even flaky...sometimes the skin might even try to compensate for the damage by producing even more oil and the issue you were trying to treat in the first place can become much much worse. If it's still red I would recommend skipping soap all together as you dont want to dry it out more. Get some Aveeno oatmeal and mix it with ice cold water. Use a washrag to do gentle cold compresses on the inflamed area. Rinse with cool water. Skip the toner. Apply the aloe and follow with moisturizer. And LOTS OF SUNSCREEN!
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    MissMama is right - I had a bad experience with an AHA serum that was too strong for me and had one of the worst reactions ever. It didn't manifest right away either - it took about 2 weeks of use of the product for this bad burn to show up. I had to do daily homemade masks with a mix of ground-up oatmeal, honey and aloe vera at least once a day, plus applying my shea butter combo afterward to help. Sometimes I would have to get up at night and do another mask as the itching and burning were so bad but the mask and the shea butter, etc. REALLY helped. It took awhile before my skin got back to normal really. But I have reactive skin in general, and had no business using a leave-on AHA product in the first place. It was fully 6 months before I could exfoliate again, and almost a year before I could tolerate a sunblock. To this day, I have to be careful with sunblocks, as most chemically-based ones just burn my face, so I look for ones that are mostly physically-bases which are better for reactive skins anyway.
    But definitely, in the line of active products, more is not necessarily better. These days, since there's such a variety of products out there all promising to be the next HG, it is very easy for people to get drawn into basically conducting science experiments on their faces. I see this all the time over on the MUA skin care board where there a lot of young women who are TERRIFIED of the slightest sign of aging so they pile on the stuff and then wonder why their skin is acting up LOL!
    I'm not an esthetician myself, but I have learned from my own personal experiences and some research in general. Hope all this helps!
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    Wow! I know this is an old thread but have others had this problem occur? 

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    Wow! I know this is an old thread but have others had this problem occur? 

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    Just happened to me!! I'm gonna try soaking two chamomile teabags in cool water for 5 minutes and then place them on my face where it's red. 
  • Maximus1107Maximus1107 Posts: 1Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    Just happened to me too about 5 months ago with a charcoal mask. About 3 minutes on & immediately felt my cheeks starting to burn so I immediately too it off. I thought as anyone else it would subside & go back to normal but it is now the middle of March & my cheeks are left looking bright red blotchy with little bumps that appeared. I am at odds now what to do as it looks like I’m stuck living my life life I have real bad rosacea with pinhead bumps/rash & mind you I do not have sensitive skin what so ever, ughh! So, Think I’ll start by writing the company. Never again, will I use a mask of any type! Not worth the life long Repercussions! 

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