Oil for itchy scalp?

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Does doing a regular oil scalp massage help with an itchy scalp? What oil might be best for fine, low porosity hair? 
I will probably try to do it as a pre poo so my hair doesn't get too oily for too long. 

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    I don't have an itchy scalp, so not sure I can help much.  But I've heard of others using an oil massage to help.  You can try an oil blend, like Jessicurl's Oil Blend or Innersense Harmonic Healing oil.  Just make sure there's no silicones in it.  Or just use a single oil like argan or jojoba or olive oil.  I bought some squalene oil from The Ordinary for my face, but it says it's good for hair too.  If I was going to try a scalp massage, I might try that one too.
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    Tea tree oil or almond oil work best for me when I have an itchy scalp. Both are pretty light so they don't make my hair look greasy and both have anti-inflammatory properties. I prefer to use sweet almond oil over the tea tree oil just because the almond oil doesn't really have a smell while tea tree oil has a definite smell that I'm not a fan of. You can also use jojoba oil, but it's a heavier oil so I'm not sure how that one would work for you. Experiment a little and let us know which one helps! 

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