So I bought dabur amla oil I was wondering can I leave it in longer than it said on the bottle

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    I don't know what that is, but to be safe - use it as recommended.  Once you've used a time or two you may be able to tell if you can leave it on longer or not.
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    If there is only amla oil, there is no problem for the time, it's a safe oil :smile:
    But if there are other ingredients in it it is better to follow the advice of use  :)
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    as an Arabic girl, I will say if it the normal one I think you can 
    any type of natural oil can be put overnight 
    its something ive been doing ever since i had hair 
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    I've not done this with amla oil, but I leave hemp and almond oil in my hair for up to a week (retired, don't have to go anywhere for people to see it LOL!) and it hasn't done any harm.  I don't know that it does any EXTRA good, but it hasn't hurt anything.  The hemp oil does have the added benefit of protecting my scalp from the dry desert air.  Almond oil doesn't have that additional effect.

    For me it mostly depends on how well it soaks in.  Hemp oil soaks into my hair very very well, almond oil not quite as well, and sunflower oil leaves it feeling tacky and gross.  I stick mostly to the hemp oil and just leave it in until the next wash.

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