Step by steps guides please, or is it all trial by fire!? JK getting better but....

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@BrittanyM  and @tinksaysboo  How did you all end up finding the best techniques? I am struggling (although it is getting better day by day curl by curl)  @Guide 65 made a profound suggestion that perhaps its not the maddening search for the right product but the right techniques! By jove! This is where I get overwhelmed! I would just love a users manual from someone with the same hair!
Are there step by step guides that really work or is it more of a aggghhhhh trial and error process?
Or like sit down and take notes from each fab curl gal, for each hump in the curl lump I find? 
 Please answer which ever one fits you: have struggled with and how ya made it out on top! Truly appreciate it! I suppose I struggle with focusing on products just as much as techniques because there is so much to retain, you can get lost in the Frizz!
Managing different curl types: How to recognize them, and how to tame them yaaaggh! (I think I have 2a low po bottom locks/then middle high po with the tendency to really frizz, catch together and not lump into defined wavecurl).

Once you recognize said different hair types on your own dang head how do you tackle them?  just use the same product on all but separate techniques? (I find different techniques but find it can begin to feel overwhelming i managing to all, but in reality one has to to get the curl wave needed.

C. Once that is done how do you intergrate your mop top into one copacetic harmonious  entity? 

 D. What was the best direction to follow? Did you have to create your step by step routine by watching tidbits and tying tidbits to then create your own? Or were there specific Curl talks or texture gals that you could pick as your pony and ride all way into successful curls? I guess its like did you have to do alot of research and continue to experiment for awhile or was there a closer to step by step way provided for you that one could also access for themselves?

 F. How to decide on application of products, pinning, diffuser, (which techniques to choose from  so on and so forth.  Thanks gals. You've really been there! Even when I'm at my split end looking for perfection!  - clear


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    Replied to the other thread.
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     I just tried things out.  If it seemed to do good things, I'd keep doing that technique.  If it didn't work, I'd move on to the next.  And I still struggled.  So I signed up for an online curls class (actually two classes, one by Atoya Bass and also The MAP Method from Scott Musgrave).  I followed their methods, and I really feel like I have a better understanding of my hair, and I'm getting better results than I ever did before.

    I still struggle at times, but now I have a better understanding of what my hair needs.  If you can afford it, taking a class is worth it if you're struggling. Some people seem to have an easier time going CG than I did. 
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    BAM! Im getting somewhere. Thanks all.

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