Do you find that cocktailing works better?

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I’ve been wearing my curly hair now for about 5 and 1/2 years and it had been a struggle to pinpoint products and techniques. I would fall into the type 3 range of hair categort, but the top of my head are lower case “s” waves instead of the typical uppercase S of a 2.  So, I ventured over to the wavier textures to see how they style.  There I discovered a method called “Cocktailing”—basically mixing 1 or 2 products to get 1.  I tried it with my Curl cream and my gel.  I learned that when I apply things this way?  I am eliminating: one step and not raking my curls as much which is really seeming like my curls are clumping much better.  Anyone else find cocktailing more beneficial because you have fine hair? 

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    I've actually never tried cocktailing.  I currently use a handful of product 1, then a handful of product 2, so if I were to cocktail, I'd have to cut the amounts down by half (at least) and apply them twice.  So it wouldn't eliminate an application step.

    Although now that I think about it, I do cocktail some NPF in with my conditioner once in a while.  I always feel like I lose a lot of the NPF when I do that, since it's so watery.  I prefer to add both to a small bottle and shake them up.
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    Hmm, I haven't cocktailed in quite a while. I used to cocktail a texturizing paste and my gel, but I have since stopped using the texturizing paste. I like to get a really crunchy gel cast, so I haven't cocktailed anything with my gel, because that would likely soften the cast. 
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    Yes! I use it for two reasons. The first if I need to use a product I am not a fan of, I will mix it with a similar product until it is gone (I hate wasting). The second, during the winter, my hair benefits from LOC/LCO, but both methods didn't work for me until I mixed my cream and oil together instead of layering. Perfection. It's definitely beneficial in a few ways.


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    Thanks everyone!  It is so wierd how this works for me.  I really do appreciate the responses! 

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