Can someone help me with my 2b/2c hair?

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Hi there! I just joined on the cg method i want to say... about a month ago? and needed some help. I am well aware that i have natural 2b/2c waves. I shampoo and condition with DevaCurls Delight line and style with B-LEAVE IN, Wave Maker, and Ultra defining gel. My hair look pretty decent when wet but when it dries it looks so straight and poofy (pictures attached) if someone could help me out with styling tips, and things of that nature that would be an amazing help.


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    Welcome!  It sounds like you're off to a good start!  First, did you do a final wash with a silicone free sulfate shampoo?  This will get all the silicones that have built up on your hair cleaned off.  You can do this maybe once a month, or whenever your hair starts acting up.  Even non-silicone ingredients can build up on your hair, so this is like a "reset".

    Second, are you leaving in some of your conditioner?  That will help moisturize your hair and can help eliminate some of those halo frizzies.  You can use your Deva conditioner for this.  Either partially rinse and leave some in, or rinse it all out and put a little more back in, then follow with the styling products.

    Third suggestion - are you using all three of those styling products?  Most people use only one or two.  Choose either the BLI or the WM, and then finish with the gel.

    Last one - make sure you apply your styling products into VERY wet hair.  I put them on while I'm still in the shower, into sopping wet hair.  This made a HUGE difference for me!
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    If you are still having difficulty after following @Guide 65's advice, then I would try eliminating the Wavemaker product. Some people find that that product does not work very well on their hair. When I use it, my hair gets dry and sticky and coated.
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    I'm pretty new to handling my curly hair too, but what makes a huge difference for me is scrunching! Do you scrunch your hair when it's wet with your products in it? I scrunch while it's dripping wet, and then I'll go through different sections and twist curls on my fingers to help the curl dry like that. I'll also just walk around with a towel across my shoulders while my hair is drying. I used to use a towel to dry my hair but a friend told me not to even touch a towel to it unless it's to scrunch the ends-- and even that should be minimal. Both the scrunching/twisting and lack of towel use have made world of difference for me. My hair used to look just like yours!

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