Type 2a/2b fine hair?

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Hi there! I am new to the nsturslln curly website and I am also new to my curly hair. I have recently decided to embrace my curls after many years of over using heat which has resulted in very bad hair loss. I am trying to work out what hair type I have and I think it is 2a/2b? Can anyone help me determine which it is? Also I am UK based and I am really struggling with finding tutorials and product recommendations for fine/thin curly girl method hair products? Does anyone have any recommendations for those too? I am really looking forward to my curly hair journey and to hearing from you guys :). Sian 

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    Hello, and welcome! 
    I'm a fairy new CG myself (with fine/thin hair), also based in Europe :)

    This article has helped me a lot:

    In short: Mousse instead of curl cream, because creams are heavy. Or just use less product. I myself search for products that are lightweight, JessiCurl has a series for our hair type called Light and luminous, they are greeeat! Do you have JessiCurl in the UK?

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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Here's a great page with recommendations for fine/low porosity hair
    Some of the budget items may not be available to you, but some of those brands can be had in the UK.  And it gives good advice in general.

    You can also do the texture quiz here to find out more about your hair.  https://www.naturallycurly.com/quiz

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    Changing up my shampoos because I can't find one I like
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    Hi there! 
    Thank you so much for your comment. I have taken the texture quiz since reading your comment and I think I am a 2c but sometimes after a few days my hair can become a little more 2b! Thank you for your reccomendations, I really appreciate your feedback :-). Sian 
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    Hi @Ingebjov for the reccomendations! I shall have a look into those product lines now. Great help. Also, as you mention we have similar hair, can I ask, how do you sleep in yours without crushing your curls and also, how do you style it in between washes to get the curls back? I am trying to only wash my hair twice a week and I am having to wet the bottom half of it daily to get the definition in my curls back! Thank you again. Sian :-)
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    I'm definitely struggling with my curls over night! They lose aaaall their definition, so I have to refresh every morning with water as you do! Then I add gel, and nothing else. But I think many people refresh with water, especially wavies :) Then I add a bit of gel for the hold, no more product or it will get heavy and gross..
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    Also similar hair here! I'm doing some experimenting but it seems to matter a lot how I do my hair before bed. My best success usually comes with pineappling my dry hair with a scrunchy (loosely) but a lot of the bottom pieces will still be stretched out. 

    Note: I've had A LOT of success with deep conditioning more often. I live in Colorado and it's super dry here, especially in the winter. I get so much curlier if my hair is deep conditioned. Haven't found the sweet spot yet for how often, but I'm trying about 1x/week right now. It seems to dry best if I plop for a little bit and then take it down and let it air dry. 

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