HELP! My hair lost all it’s curl!

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I had Beautiful 2a/2b wavy hair that was so voluminous and I would’ve killed to get it flat! I straightened it for many years and finally started embracing my natural hair a few years ago. While I was straightening I would get express keratin treatments. The last one I got was in December. My hair is now no longer heat damaged and is very healthy, but since December I have been losing more and more curl every month (even after the keratin should have worn off) my hairdresser says there is no way there is any keratin left in my hair, and all of a sudden (since two weeks ago) my hair will not hold a curl and is flat against my head. Before December, after all of the other keratin treatments my hair would be a little straighter for a month until the keratin was washed out and then it would go back to normal. Now it is practically straight and so silky. I have very fine hair but i’ve Never had any issues holding a curl as my hair is (used to be) so malleable. Now it is completely flat  and won’t even stay curled if I leave a braid in for 6 hours or let it dry in a braid. I have changed my product multiple times, tried scrunching with mousse, have clarified my hair and I feel like i’ve Tried everything. How can my hair suddenly change in a week? Does anyone have any experience with this? It is such as drastic change!

 Do I have too much protein in my hair? Or not enough? My hair is soooo silky and very flat now, some pieces are wavy but not anywhere near what they used to be. My hair also feels overly frizzy and dry even though everyone keeps telling me it’s overmoisturized. I used to use the Organix coconut milk shampoo and conditioner but I switched about a month ago to the garnier fructise curl nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Does anyone have any recommendations for products to either cut out protein completely and get rid of the buildup or to add protein? I honestly can’t tell which is the problem.


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    Your hair sounds like mine when I need protein.  Your hair could be reacting to the loss of the keratin.  Try a protein treatment.  You can do a DIY treatment with gelatin (just google for directions).  Or you can buy a protein-rich deep conditioner, something like Deva Deep Sea Repair or Curl Junkie Repair Me. 
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    Garnier fructise curl nourishing conditioner has a silicone in it, but the shampoo is sulfate free. You might be experiencing build up because of this. The silicone can't be washed out of your hair without a sulfate so your shampoo isn't getting rid of it. Try using a sulfate shampoo to get rid of the silicone and get a good silicone free conditioner or deep conditioner. 

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