Oil-slick look on salt-and-pepper type 3 curls

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A long-haired, type 2 friend just got a *gorgeous* oil-slick coloring. She's brunette but mostly gray. I love it! And would love to do it too... I'm 3a-3b mix, dark brunette naturally, and about 50% silver (my grays are silver-white). Everything I've read about attaining the look says you need to lighten a few shades, which I don't want to do; I'd rather try it directly over my salt-and-pepper hair. And, I'm also afraid of what color might do to my curls. Has anyone tried the look? Any advice? It's very tempting! I do love my salt-and-pepper-beginning-to streak curls, but this looks like so much fun. &nbsp; <br>


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    Ok first things first, I am not a hairdresser but I am a color enthusiast. The reason they want to lift a few levels is because they typically use a semi permanent dark color over the lightened bits. Semi permanent color until very recently could only be seen on prelightened hair, and most still need to be bleached. You may be able to get away with using something like Joico Color Intensity but it may only show up on the grays since I don’t know what your base looks like. Another option would be a demi permanent color but may only show up on the gray as well. A little bit of bleach doesn’t ruin hair if that’s what you are worried about. As long as you see a stylist who knows what their doing and request a bond repair additive such as olaplex or one of its competitors, it won’t damage your hair much. You probably wouldn’t even notice the damage.
    The absolute best bet you’d have would be to see a stylist who does pintura color and would be willing to do the oil slick color. That way you have your curls in consideration. But with all color, even if a non curly stylist did it on your hair straightened, it would still be cohesive even if not quite as well placed as a curly stylist. Hope this helps with your thought process.

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