My curls are straight after bleaching please help !

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So I have had my hair bleached a few times in the past which would obviously have my curls dry and damaged for a few days or week yet will end up curling again. So I haven’t dyed my hair for a good 6 months and my roots were looking reallly bad with my blonde curls I went to a salon and got it bleached 2 days ago but for the first time my curls are all GONE like my hair is straight as a straw with frizz ! I live it Europe at the moment therefore  I can’t get the products cause most of the brands are not here . Can someone please help me what I can do to regain my curls ? Remedies anything ? Or will they not come back ? I have been in tears it has taken me so long to get those curls healthy and to look in the mirror and see straight hair is a big NO 😕 


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    I would start with some protein-containing products to repair the damage that was done to the hair through bleaching. Look for protein-rich conditioners or "hair repair" masks. If the hair seems dry after using protein, you can do a deep conditioning treatment by leaving conditioner on your hair for about 30 minutes before rinsing it out.
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    Thank you so much ! 
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    Nourish and moisturize your hair  .. it'll be back in a few days.  :)

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