What is going on with my hair?

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Last December I started to use my own addaptation of the CG method, and I have been loving it ever since. I never had any heat damage since I hardly ever style my hair with heat tools, but I do use permanent haircolloring once every 3 months or so. I've been colloring my hair for a while now, but it hasn't damaged of affected my hair in any way (I think).
I think I have coarse 3b/3c hair, with a medium to high density and high porosity (according to the test on this website). My hair has always been relatively soft which means that it has always struggled to hold its shape, as well as volume, but with the right techniques I have always been able to get at least some volume. But recently my hair is acting a bit strange. It is shedding like crazy, I'm having lots and lots of knots, which makes detangling a nightmare, and my hair is laying flat on my head.
Is there anyone that might have an idea what is going on with my hair, or what I am doing wrong?
At the moment I use a sulfate free camomile shampoo, Inecto coconut conditioner, argan oil, Cantu Define & Shine Custard and Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie form Shea Moisture. Once a week I use a deep conditioner either with natural oils or the Argan Miracle deep conditioner form African Pride and a scalp massage with castor oil. I also do a weekly ACV rinse. Since I live in the Netherlands and have to live on a tight budget I am not able to buy the DevaCurl products or use other expensive CG aproved products, so anyone with tips for affordable but good hair products is my hero!

(Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I am not a native speaker)

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    Your problem, or part of it, might be build up. Do you clarify your hair time by time? It really does wonders :smile: Maybe you should also try to switch to some more natural hair color, henna/indigo offer quite a lot of various shades and even though it's more difficult to use, it's healthier for you and your hair. The shedding might be from some hormonal changes, lifestyle changes, stressful situations which has happened few months ago... Really hard to say. You can try to take some vitamins (especially biotin might help).
    With the products, as a fellow European I can relate so much :smile: I think you have dm-drogerie markt in the Netherlands, don't you?  Their brands Alverde and Balea have some good stuff, cheap and sillicone-free (Alverde is more natural, most of their stuff is vegan). Good but more expensive brand is Faith in Nature. I also pretty like Novex deep conditioners, they come in 1 kg containers so it lasts a while :smile:


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    Hi Rimonsiley!
    Thank you for your answer! I thought I clarified my hair with the ACV rinse, so that might me my mistake. I will definitely look into that! 
    I have considered henna in the past, but I'm a bit afraid of the commitment that comes with a Henna dye, since I heard that you cannot dye another collour on top of the Henna. So that is why I use the chemical dye but I try to use it as little as possible. 
    Dm-drogerie didn't sound familliar, but according to google it's German, so I guess I'll have to plan a trip to Germany soon to check these brands out  ;)
    I can find the Novex deep conditioner online, so when mine is finished, I will definetly try it! Thank you so much for these suggestions!
  • RimonsileyRimonsiley Posts: 40Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    @Willemijn You're welcome! :smile: Clarifying with ACV never worked for me, so I would recommend you to try some other stuff. Maybe baking soda, if you want to keep it natural? But it can strip away your dye.
    Well, after henna you can (or should) only dye your hair with another henna so it's a bit impractical, but I have never tried it myself so I cannot tell. But if your hair is healthy, it shouldn't matter to use chemicals once in a while.
    Oh my bad, I thought that dm drogeries are located all over Europe... I am from Czech republic and we have it on every corner :smile: 
    Novex has even a special line for curly hair and I find that one to be quite satisfying. Other than that I tried their bamboo conditioner and it's not bad either :wink:
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    Definitely agree it's probably build up. Honestly a sulfate shampoo occasionally followed a deep conditioner isn't bad for your hair. The only bad part in your case is that it won't be color safe depending on what color you dye your hair. Also, a lot of hair dyes contain silicones (the developer I use contains dimethicone), so that could potentially lead to build up. I'm with you on the henna. Too much commitment, but you can definitely have colored yet healthy hair, it's possible. Colored hair just needs a bit more care.
  • WillemijnWillemijn Posts: 4Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    @Rimonsiley Thanks for the suggestions! But isn't bakings soda a bit tricky to use? My hairdresser warned me about a lot of possible breakage in your hair when using baking soda. I hadn't heard about sulfates and sulfate free shampoo at that time, but I had read somewhere that regular shampoo was bad for your hair and that baking soda could be a great alternative, but since my hairdresser didn't recommend it, I never tried it. 
    I washed my hair with a sulfate shampoo last night, since I didn't have any natural alternatives by hand and there seems to be a lot more volume at my roots! It is still a little hard to say, since my hair is usually not that volumunous on first day hair, but I can see a difference with my previous wash day.
    @BrittanyM I definetly agree with you on healthy colored hair! I usually dye my hair a brown colour with some red undertones, so using a sulfate shampoo now and then wouldn't probably be too much of problem for my colour. The last six months I tried to stay away from sulfates, but it didn't cause a lot more frizz last night than usual, so thanks for the suggestion! I was aware of the silicones in the hair dye I use but, again, I thought the ACV rinse took care of that  :sweat_smile:
    So thanks for your help!
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    I use occasional silicone here and there.  Nothing removes them for me except a sulfate shampoo. My hairdresser said it's ok to use baking soda. Don't use it everyday as it is not pH balanced for your hair. I don't like it though and find that sulfate shampoo is more convenient as well as more effective.
  • RimonsileyRimonsiley Posts: 40Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    @Willemijn I have used baking soda diluted in water for a short time and didn't notice any bad effect, but it wasn't so long for the experience to be relevant. Now I am using soap bar made specially for hair and I am kinda happy with it :smile: I don't think it's bad to use sulfate shampoo time by time. Glad you noticed some change!
  • StillunsureonmycurltypeStillunsureonmycurltype Posts: 92Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    When using Baking soda, if you can follow up with a balancing deep conditoner then proceed with cool water and finally aloe vera gel/ juice! Aloe vera can help balance the pH of the hair strands and can really add shine while being very moisturizing!

    Be careful that you aren't allergic to it though!
  • WillemijnWillemijn Posts: 4Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    @Stillunsureonmycurltype Oh thanks for that tip! I might try that if I can find the Aloe Vera. 

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