How should I start? What hair type am I?

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edited May 2018 in Transitioning is my hair...fresh out of a big bun! With no products what so ever, I haven’t used a single product in my hair in over 10 years, it’s been in a bun everyday all day 24/7! I’ve never known what to do with my hair it’s always been pulled back in a ponytail or a bun! Or I use to straighten it when I was 17-18. I’m now 30 no products, I recently cut and donated 13 1/2 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and my hair hasn’t been the same’s so much thicker, it’s not very wavy like it use to be. I’m at a lost and need help, please! I’ve watched rockyncurls YouTube channel and her blogs, she has High porosity, I have low...and thick course hair. I have traction alopecia right in the front of my hair line from always wearing my hair I really want to start embracing my natural hair if I can get it under control! I THINK my hair is a 2c? What do you think? I’ll take any and all suggestions!


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    It's so thick and full, it's lovely!  I don't know the hair type - right now it looks like a 2A/2B, but it's going to get so much curlier as you get it into better condition.

    It does look dry.  I'd start with some good conditioning.  Do a deep condition when you can.  Add some heat for extra goodness.  I've heard Deva Curl Melt into Moisture is a really good one.  And then use a really good rinse out conditioner whenever you wash your hair.  Maybe the GVP conditioning balm from Sallys would be good for you.  Or one of the Not Your Mothers Naturals from Ulta.  (Make sure you get the Naturals line, not the regular NYM.)
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    Oh gosh! That hair is so lovely. You have to get it out of the bun and show it off!  You might enjoy this article about how one wavy got beautiful waves in a week. 

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Thank you @Gretchen and @Guide 65!  I have always heard that my whole life and always thought WHY! Are you crazy my hairs a hot frizzy mess!  I just bought some Shea moisture items the other day...we will see how it goes!

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