Any styling suggestions for a lazy AF 2A?

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I've recently been embracing the slightly wavy texture of my hair, but am having trouble finding styling routines and products that work with my lifestyle. I'm extremely busy, so I'm unlikely to ever want to hold my head upside down scrunching and diffusing for as long as I see other wavies doing so, especially in the morning. I want my waves as defined as possible, with minimal steps and products. Lately I've been trying different combinations of braids held by various cocktails of creams and/or gels at night, sleeping in them, and taking them out in the morning, as seems to be more typical in the type 3 and 4 communities. I love the results I see when I first take them out, but my hair doesn't keep hold the same level of definition throughout the day. Any suggestions? 

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    I am also a lazy wavy.

    When my hair is long enough I also do the braid thing.  You can also do multiple twists to achieve a similar effect.  I think you can keep the same routine but change the products.  Have you tried a hard hold gel like LA Looks?  

    Also if you hair is fine and/or high porosity protein may help hold the wave.  If I don't have enough protein my hair is just a poofy mess.
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    Gel does make your hair crunchy which no one likes, so after it's dry you just scrunch it until it's all soft.  It should still hold and have definition, but without the crunch!
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    I've been a real big fan of a Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Treats as a leave in conditioner then eco styler gel (the pink one for not-as-much hold and the olive oil one for max hold depending on my mood) on top of that. I'm super lazy about my hair, so I only spend about 15 seconds scrunching my hair after I've slathered in the gel. I'm fairly haphazard about my product application because I don't feel like sectioning off my hair and being really precise. I put the leave-in conditioner in my hair right before I get out of the shower. The whole styling process take me under 5 minutes because I air dry. I just spray it with water the next morning and everything reactivates.
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    A quick twist can be easy and lovely. I think it's best doing smaller sections.. twist the hair from scalp to ends, then use small alligator clips to hold it. Once it's dry, release the clips, scrunch/fluff  and have more uniform ringlets/beach waves


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    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.  :) I haven't experimented with a hard hold gel yet because I fear a crunchy texture and flaking, but maybe it's time to give it a try. I'll also look into some protein products. I hadn't considered that that could be the problem.
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    Welcome, @lschocket!

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    You are beautiful!
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    Pretty lazy wavy here.  I wash and condish and then use some Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha gel in my hair.  Sometimes I'll use a tiny bit of leave-in underneath the gel.  Sometimes I don't use anything.  I live in Socal now so I usually air-dry but if needed I diffuse the roots so the roots can dry and air-dry the rest of the way.  It's pretty low-maintenance.
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