Has anyone experienced hair loss with the use of Miss Jessie's curly pudding recently

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I am noticing that since I have been using Miss Jessie's [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Miss-Jessies-Curly-Pudding-p-578.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=miss-jessies-curly-pudding]curly pudding[/buylink] I have been loosing my hair. Now I don't know for sure that it is Miss Jessie's that is doing it, so I want to know if anyone else with 3c/4a hair has experienced the problem. Now I dont have visible bald spots yet, thank God! It's just that massive amounts of my hair is shedding out and I notice it has gotten thinner since I've been using the product over the past 6 months. I am really nervous. Any thoughts on the matter can possible help me.


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    I was so happy when I found this post. Because I have been using this product and found that my hair was shedding. I stocked up and spent $400 worth of Miss Jessie because I was traveling for sometime and wanted a product to keep my hair fiizz free. After the third use I found that my hair was falling out, even when I use the treatment. This stuff is just over priced junk! Now I am doing all sorts of things to stop the shedding.
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    Are you sure it's not some other issue that you may not notice? Is your sleep cycle on point? Do you get enough nutrients? Is stress a big factor?

    I'm not sticking up for Miss Jessie's at all, because I absolutely hate that they get away with selling their gunk filled products for a good fifty dollars. If it was ten dollars I probably wouldn't be salty about it, but your ingredient list resembles a high class Organic Root Stimulator product and you want to charge how much?

    Anyway, I'm just saying it could be a host of things causing the hair loss, but you know your hair better than anyone so if you say it's the Miss Jessie's then it probably is. Just try and figure out which ingredient(s) are messing you up so you don't buy anything that contains the same thing in the future. Good luck!
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    Same here! I wasn't totally sure it was this product (the shampoo & conditioner more than the curl cream because I was using the curl cream long before i started using the shampoo/cond), but my hair had been falling out like crazy and I suspected it. THEN a friend of mine who has also been experiencing hair loss lately was over at my place and she pointed out my product and said it was after using this that she started shedding! I don't know what ingredient it is, but I hope I can find out. I have type 3B hair and my friend has 2C. 
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    I am checking all of this out, too.  I have used Miss Jessie's Leave-In Condish now for awhile, I really loved it.  I have recently been shedding hair, dermatologist gave me script for Lidex/Fluocinomide, not sure it's really helping.  She also told me to get a Laser Hair Comb (I got one called HairMax from Bed Bath and Betond, use coupon).  Not sure yet if this is helping, either.  Gone back to natural products, putting them on my scalp at night:  tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, and Coconut oil.  (Aloe vera gel helped my eyelashes grow, by the way.)  Got Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree shampoo (Walmart), started using that a couple weeks ago.  I stopped using other shampoos and also stopped using Miss Jessie's product for a few weeks now.  I felt last week that I wasn't having as much hair fallout in the shower.  (Still some, but was having a lot daily.) I started again the last few days using the Miss Jessie's and the last couple days have had more fallout again.  Could it be this product?  I'm not saying for sure if it is, but I am not using it anymore.  And it really did control my frizz.  I am caucasian, is anyone on here that's losing hair bi- racial?  

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