Q Redew? Worth the hype? Answer: Yes!! Yes!! spend the Coin Ladies

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So as a new curly diva I have been stalking the Q redew. I've youtubed the heck out it and googled website forumed myself to death in order to get a better and REALISTIC perspective of the product. Though I must say most of the reviews were not with my specific hair type which is baby soft 3c stupid attitude fine curls that just want to do whatever the heck they want to do. Sounds familiar? Anywhoo, I finally found one on ebay that some person was selling so I was like okay Im getting one.

So first impressions I was a little intimidated but determined for the results. Now I did use on filthy, 4 day hair that I was going to wash but I was too excited to use the thing. So I just filled the resovoir with water and shizam! I mean freaking shizaam my curls were transported back to 1989 fifth grade no perm when my momma used to just wet the brush and go! No lie Im serious!!!!! Soft , yes! more curl definition yes!!!
no product other than the remains of the bantu twist out the night before.

second day test , woke up q redew the bantu knots while still in the loops and around my tapered area and when I tell you that the curls were responding to the steam hair was like butter!!!! Add shea moisture and done! Now I will say that there is a learning curve to this contraption which is what you will look like doing as you talk to yourself in the mirror. This morning I did have an audience of my girls giving me the "what is wrong with you?' look as you scream "whattttt? okay!!!" and "omg" which I have not done since I learned how to do bantu knots on my fine hair after watching freaking a million youtube videos!!ugh anyway

So my fellow curlies that are on the fence, and stalking Q Redew please buy it. Its worth it. I will be keeping it and will buy a second one too just in case something happens to the other one. For me it means no cold head in the morning from my water bottle or 15 min of prayer that the same curl keeps in place after diffusing. It means refreshing without too much moisture for my fine hair without the Jerri curl wet prince look.....sigh

Best of all it means no pep talk about accepting my curls and see the journey out Heather when the style does'nt come out right.... I even do a curl mental selfie. Okay Girl! Yaaaaassssss!!!
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loves moisture/ steam not too much tho?
Creams work best . Gels are a work in process. loving Cantu curl gel at the moment.
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    I have 3A hair and after a couple of days it's really limp and a lot of the curls are stretched from putting them into hairstyles. I've been looking into the Q redew, and after reading this I think I might try it! :)
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  • oliviarringtonoliviarrington Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 8 Curl Neophyte
    Hi! I have 2b wavy hair. Is this steamer different from other steamers? I use a clothes steamer right now but have been eyeing the q redew. Do you think it's different? Thanks!
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    You are beautiful!
  • curlbellcurlbell Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    I have 4-B hair, and it works WONDERFULLY for my hair. it reduces frizz and immediately refreshes my hair

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