Hair dying!!

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So about a year and a half ago I let this girl flat iron my naturally curly hair :/ she burned it pretty much all the way up to the roots and my hair has just not been even close to the same since. After she burned it my hair was falling out in chunks from the roots and excessively shedding/frizzy for months. I started cutting out the damaged hair, and now to this date I believe all the damaged hair is gone. I grew my hair back out under wigs and I am now wearing my natural hair, but I have been having major issues. I have no idea if this is a new set of problems or my hair still acting from the heat damage.


1. my hair still sheds more than usual
2. my hair will not retain anything, products just sit on top of my hair
3. my hair takes about 2 days to air dry, and when it does my strands are super dry and rough like they were never moisturized
4. my hair is super frizzy once they dry whereas they used to be very well defined even without gel
5. my scalp is always super itchy no matter what oil I put on it (and even when I put nothing on it.... there is no dandruff on my scalp though

Things I have tried:

1. protein treatment (once since after my hair was damaged)
2. shea moisture products, homemade/store bought deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, cantu shea butter
3. applying heat to my products and deep conditioning under a hooded drier to lift my 4c low porosity cuticles

If anyone knows what could be going on I would love to hear from you!

I plan to try to do my hair in the shower like I used to, and also I was watching naptural85 current video where she said she found out she has a allergy to coconut oil and thats what ruined her hair.... I wonder if olive oil is doing the same to me since I have been using it for so long?


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    Shea Moisture is really heavy, especially for low porosity hair. Buildup is probably causing your frizz. Try clarifying and possibly chelating, and starting over, using different products that are lighter for lower porosity hair.

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    Most of the symptoms you mentioned are for low porosity hair. Try using oils with smaller particles that can enter your cuticle easily. Coconut is one of those. Ucuuba butter and babassu oil are others.
    As for the scalp issues, your scalp could still have heat damage. With time it should heal thoroughly. you can try aloe vera gel to speed it up though
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    I would try Olaplex.  You can get it at Sephora now.
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