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I've been natural for about 5 years, my hair is long ( even thoigh it should be longe because i'm always cutting it), but it's never moisturized.

It's really really dry especially in the crown area, brittle, without shine, with more than normal breakage and tangles a lot... I highly believe that i'm protein sensitive,

My hair gets really greasy whenever i use products with a lot of oils and butters.
My twistouts don't have much definition and are frizzy , and i think it's because of the lack of moisture.

I live in portugal so i don't have much access to many brands ( besides a few lines from SM and Eden body works), so i'm really tempted to do a diy leave in and hair cream from scratch. (see this post )

Also what do you think about these products for high porosity hair
Shea moisture manuka honey masque
Eden bodyworks jojoba monoi masque
Kinky kurly knot today leave in.

I know i'm all over the place, but it want to enjoy my hair, because i have a nice length

Hair details
almost bra strap length
Really dry and brittle crown area
also have mild seborrheic dermatitis


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    When my hair is dry and brittle, I do an oil treatment on my dry hair overnight before shampooing. By using an oil on dry hair, the oil penetrates the hair shaft and makes it more flexible. You then shampoo the oil out, so you don't have excess grease left on your hair.

    Many people like coconut oil for this. Sunflower oil is also supposed to work well. I have also heard of people using olive or avocado oil. This link has a table that shows oils that are good for this. Below the table is a section called "Ways to Use Oils." This section talks about doing an oil pre-poo. A fuller explanation of the oil pre-poo can be found here.

    I can't comment on the products you listed because I've never used them. Maybe others can supply some info.
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    Yes, coconut oil overnight treatments are great. Haven't tried the first two products you mentioned but I have used knot today. I do like it- melts out tangles amazingly well. But people have mixed reviews on whether it's very moisturizing or not. It's not bad for my hair, not too heavy. But I don't use it regularly. CJ Beauticurls leave in conditioner is really full of great moisturizing ingredients but it isn't heavy.

    My hair tangles a lot, as well. I haven't figured out how to remedy this problem lol....
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    Dryness and brittle hair in the crown that don't go away is a symptom of CCCA (central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia). Besides traction alopecia, CCCA pretty much affects black women only...
    A dermatologist/trichologist can help early on, and it can't hurt to look into it just in case.
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    Dryness and brittle hair on the crown can also be caused by environmental factors, such as the sun. 

    Here is a link to help you figure out if you need protein or moisture or both.   http://rockyncurls.blogspot.com/search/label/Protein and Overconditioning
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    How often do you moisturize your hair? You may need to add a heavier moisturizer instead of kinky curly knot today...and add extra product as well. 

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