How often can I straighten my hair without horrible damage?

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So I recently JUST started following the curly girl method to get back my natural 3b/3c curl pattern after 4 years of straightening. So far, I've done a month with no heat and it's going great (some parts are definitely still wavy and damaged, but there's been progress). But I do really enjoy the way I look with straight hair, and I'm wondering if I can still occasionally straighten my hair (I'm thinking no more than once or twice a month)? Of course I'll use heat protectant and use it on a low heat setting, and continue my deep protein treatments to revive my hair afterwards. Will this really prevent me from getting my natural curls back / can I get away with it?


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    Hi @abbycd018 : Welcome to It's hard to say. My hair can't take it at all - had my hair straightened once in a salon, and it never recovered. But there are people here on Curltalk who straighten periodically even 1-2 times/week (people who even have my hair type.)
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    Back when i used to have healthier hair, I could straighten and get away with it. Now it seems a bit tricky now that it is not as healthy, it definitely got some waves. When I did it daily, it turned my curls into waves though. Sorry not too helpful but in my experience it was all about how many times you did it. I prefer blow drying - should be healthier and maybe straighten on second day, that seems to work better for me because it straightens more quickly so I don't have to put up with heat for too long. 
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    I'm not exactly to sure, because everyone is different,  hair included. But I straighten once a month usually. Sometimes I skip a month. And I, myself am recovering from heat and bleach damage.  Mostly bleach, but there is heat damage. The only difference from before when I first started is I'm caring for my hair more. Doing treatments and what ever I can to revive my curls while still being able to use a straightener when I want.  Which I limited to once per wash. 

    My hair went from wavy straight to almost what it used to be. Still have a few waves but it's curling again... except for my bangs, dunno why. 
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