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So I typically use pink Ecostyler gel but hasn’t been working well since weather got really cold. I decided to buy a heavier gel for more hold. It was too late to go to Sally’s so I went by 3 dollar stores looking for Argon version. They all have PVP which I avoid. Finally I supposed they stopped making pvp free and bought it. Then last night I went to Sally’s and saw the Argon Ecostyler and Olive Ecostyler they sell is PVP free. 
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    Huh, that's crazy. I always buy mine at Sallys. I read about EcoCo styler gel  a using hair loss due to the ingredient triethanolamine, but when I checked the ingredients in mine, it didn't have it. I notice the one from the dollar store does, but the one from Sally does not. I can't find any thing on why there are different ingredients. Their website did not have an apparent ingredients info on the product. That's odd, but I would stick to buying from sallys. The only thing I could guess would be the product amount? Maybe a formula change for the amount of product and preservation reasons? I don't know. Thanks for sharing!
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    Here is an old thread on curltalk about it. Apparently the one with PVP is an old formula.

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    I’m old here so I knew about the new PVP free formula. It’s what got me using Eco again after I stopped. In the past I was able to buy PvP free Argon and Olive at the dollar store so I know the size isn’t the issue. But I haven’t used anything but pink in a year so when I couldn’t find it in the dollar store I thought it was reformulated again. I notice one container says Brussels and one London. Not sure if countries having different ingredient standards is the issue. I think Sally’s is also in Canada. From now on I will ONLY be buying my Ecostyler at Sally’s. Goes to show if you buy at different places you are not necessarily buying the “same” product.
    Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.

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