Best styling products for 3a/3b curls, No glycerin, No Protein!

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Hi ladies!  Can you recommend any hair creams or milks for my 3a/3b, thick, coarse, low porosity hair? I absolutely cannot do protein and glycerin is also bad as I live in a dry climate.  Right now, my hair loves As I am Coconut Co-wash and Leave-In, but the jelly doesn’t quite do it for me. KCCC is too hard and doesn’t have enough slip, so my hair ends up crunchy and stringy. Giovanni gel can be OK, but it is drying. I sometimes use Deva Curl decadence shampoo and conditioner, with the set-it-free and coconut curl cream.  This looks amazing, but only 30-40% of the time. 😝 I am looking for a more dependable routine as I DO NOT ever get 2nd day hair; it’s hat, pony or do it all again.  Lighter creams with good slip and hold seem to be the best for my hair.  Can you suggest anything? Affordable-ish gets priority for me.  Thank you all so much in advance! 🤗
PS- that is my hair thickness with about 1/3 of my head shaved as an undercut

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    You might want to take a look at Jessicurl products.  I think they're free of glycerin and protein.  Not so good on the affordable part though.
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    My gel isn't protein free so I'm no help, but you might want to search here and see what they have.

    I love your hair and the cut! 
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    I read someone's advice on another thread and diluted my KCCC by 50% with water, and WOW! My hair came out lovely, soft and well defined.  And I just woke up and it still looks good- very wearable! I usually NEVER get 2nd day hair.  I used an Honest Beauty moisturizing shampoo and conditioner 3-4 days ago to try and reduce build-up.  Yesterday I used my As I am Coconut Co-wash, then their leave-in (a bit less than usual) and the diluted KCCC. My hair looks and feels great even on the 2nd day right now, and more importantly it's not stringy and still feels hydrated.  I may have accidentally stumbled onto some magic! :)

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